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Late status change again, how y’all doing?

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    M̶y̷ ̴L̵i̵t̴t̴l̸e̷ ̷C̷o̴r̶r̷u̷p̴t̴e̸d̵ ̵P̴o̴n̵y̶:̴ C̶o̷l̸l̶a̶p̴s̴e̸

    [̴D̶O̷N̴’̵T̸ ̸Y̸O̴U̴ ̴U̸N̶D̸E̶R̷S̸T̴A̶N̶D̵?]
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    ̷[̵Y̴O̵U̴ ̷C̶A̵N̸ ̶H̶I̸D̴E̶]̷
    ̴[̷Y̵O̶U̵ ̵C̷A̸N̶ ̴F̷I̶G̵H̶T̴]̸
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    ̴[̷B̷U̵T̷ ̶T̷H̶E̴ ̸D̶A̵R̶K̴N̵E̶S̸S̶ ̷W̸E̴L̸D̷S̷ ̷M̴O̸R̴E̵ ̴P̵O̸W̵E̵R̶ ̶T̶H̶A̸N̸ ̷Y̷O̵U̸ ̷R̷E̵A̸L̷I̴Z̵E̸]̵
    ̴[̵T̷H̵E̴Y̵ ̴A̶R̶E̷ ̸S̵T̷I̷L̸L̸ ̷O̵U̸T̸ ̷T̸H̵E̷R̴E̴]̵

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    [̸C̷O̵M̸I̷N̷G̵ ̵S̵O̷O̴N̴]̷

    T̵h̵e̶ ̵p̷o̷n̷i̴e̴s̸ ̶w̸e̵r̴e̵n̷’̴t̵ ̸t̴h̵e̴ ̴o̷n̸l̵y̴ ̶o̸n̷e̸s̴ ̴t̵h̴a̴t̴ ̴s̷u̶f̸f̷e̷r̶e̴d̴…̶ ̷t̵h̴e̴r̵e̶ ̷a̴r̸e̶ ̷m̴a̴n̷y̴ ̶m̴o̸r̴e̴.̷

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    -*sips drink-*

    ((Gehehehe see what I did?-

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    -*sips drink-*



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    I just watched Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate, and safe to say, it is now my new favorite movie. They knew what they were doing, and it feels like a true sequel.

    The TV series is just as spectacular! Probably outdoes the OG movie honestly.

    Brief spoiler review in the comments.

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In Light of Recent Events Today… (rant post) · 1:58am February 2nd

I would like to take the time to discuss some stuff in terms of victims of toxicity, xenophobia, or suicidal-ness (the right thing to do in a post with the slightest relation to such events, and also put my foot down and establish boundaries between me and… quite a couple of people (main reason behind this post).

If you are a victim of xenophobia, toxicity, homo/transphobia, racism, sexism, whatever there might be, just know that among a small group of assholes is a larger group of people that support you, have your back, and validate you. I got your back and support you. If the toxicity makes you start to feel suicidal then please reach out to whatever close friends or people you have. There is plenty to look forward to. Don’t take it all away from you. You deserve happiness. If you give your life another chance you will power through whatever difficulties lie ahead and you’ll be happy.

Now on another note. I feel it’s time to plaster what my views are for all the world to see, and set boundaries against certain negative people since I want my community and friendships to remain with positive, happy people.

First off (and the big drive behind today)… I am, and always will be, a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. I have friends that are queer. In 2022 my mom came out as lesbian and (in spite of the changes that resulted) I support her and her current relationship. I have a shit ton of OCs that are LGBTQ+. Sephtis is aroace. I got characters with romantic orientations (Omniromantic, panromantic, and others too) and sexual orientations (bisexual, pansexual, or just plain homosexual), and I have quite a few characters with wholesome same-sex relationships. I have genderqueer characters as well (gender-fluid and transfem). So I… WILL NOT… tolerate hatred, homophobia, transphobia, etc, of ANY KIND on my “community” or page, or around me in general. My content and “community” is and always will be queer-friendly. No questions asked. If you think it’s even remotely okay to hate, or support the hatred of, these groups or specific people, then get off my page. Unfollow me and go. You are not welcome here if you think it’s okay to be a bigot that resorts to hatred, or even allows that shit to happen. If someone is gay or trans then just leave them be. It’s not that hard. This also applies to racism, sexism, or any other form of bigoted hatred or xenophobia against certain people. There are some groups though that I don’t think deserve a place here, and I’m going to get to that right away.

Considering how I’m setting boundaries here lemme just set more while I’m here. It’s not discussed here much but imma say it… do you know the Isreal genocide on Palestine? Yeah, if you’re a Zionist or even support Israel then get the fuck out. There’s so much videos, proof, stories, all sorts of shit that puts Israel’s true colors right out in the open. And yet you support that shit?! Granted, if you are someone that isn’t all that informed on what is happening and actually do want to see what proof there is, then I will happily share some of the concrete evidence in DM’s. Genocide is fucked up, and the murder of children is fucked up. This is practically what the Nazis did and I’m not even joking. Holocaust survivors literally say it’s the exact same thing. Be sure to boycott certain companies too. I know where to find a list.

I also wanna get the message of AI out there. Yeah it does cool stuff. But I don’t support it. Mainly AI art and AI voice acting. I know people and see people that are negatively affected by it, and it drains their motivation and upsets them, or it leaves them in paranoia. It creates false propaganda and images (did you know some boys made AI porn art of a 14 year year old and she killed herself because of it?) I used to wanna use AI voice acting but now I don’t. Sorry to the Chrysalis plays FNaF fans. Even if maybe there can be uses for AI, I don’t support the shit that genuinely hurts people. You may think that how you use it does nothing, but here’s the facts: you’re directly contributing to it, you’re directly training it, and hosts of AI programs are going to use it to their advantages. Y’know the domino effect? Think of it like that.

Listen guys, opinions are opinions. There are plenty of opinions I disagree with when it comes to close people of mine. People are allowed to have opinions. It’s OKAY to have opinions. It’s part of LIFE. Of course you can have opinions! But it’s opinions that advocate for others getting hurt, killed, demotivated, shunned, that I DO NOT condone or stand for. If you’re any of these negative parties that I have described then please leave, and we don’t gotta hear from each other again and that’s the end of it. If you try and start shit with me, I will block you. I don’t need arguments nor do I need to give y’all the satisfaction of bringing out my own negativity.

Anyways, to the positive and supportive people out there in life, thank y’all for existing! Y’all are great, don’t stop being great! ^^

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Hatred of persons is never justified, ever. And it seems to be the unfortunate case too often that well-meaning 'religious' people do not know how to communicate with someone charitably. The greatest traits that Jesus showed us while on earth was that he was meek and humble of heart in his approach to sinners in calling them to conversion.

That said, it is not hatred when one warns their neighbor that their actions are harmful to them and their eternal happiness. It is the height of charity to be concerned for the well-being and true happiness of one's neighbor.

It is misplace compassion to approve someone in a lifestyle that will lead to their ultimate destruction, not telling them in love the good they need to hear because it might upset them.

I pray for healing and self-reflection on all sides after this terrible episode, peace!

Honestly, its saddening on how awful people can be to others like that all because they were different.

I have a confession as well.
I'm.. Bi actually.

It really is saddening.

Also, proud of ya for confessing. My support goes out to you!

I’m proud of you, brother. Welcome to the BI club! ❤️🩷💜

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