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    Sonic 3 news and a Theory.

    Hey guys i hope your having a good day right now, i just heard some awesome news regarding Shadow's VA in Sonic 3, as well as a theory that not only ties into Project Shadow, but also Tom and his family bloodline, and how they possibly could be related in someway.

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    Kung fu Panda Story ideas

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    Future Story's and Ideas For Them

    Hey guys i hope your having a nice day so far, i decided i'd like to share a few future story's and idea's i have for them, once i'm done with my current ones, they're pretty interesting from what i have for them, and i plan them for both Crossover story's and Original ones, hope you like these ideas!

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    Kung fu Panda 4 review.

    Hey guys, i had just gotten done seeing Kung fu Panda 4 this weekend, and i was planning on reviewing it sometime this week, so for those who are curious to see this, i'll say that this review will have spoilers, so if you haven't watched it yet, i recommend seeing it first, i'll discuss the stuff i liked, the problems i had, and what could've been done more with it, hope you enjoy it.

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    Thank you MatPat

    Hey guys i hope your having a fine day today. I have important news that you all may know, but i'd like to share my thoughts on this too.

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First Look at new TMNT story · 3:44am January 19th

Hey guys, i hope your all having a good day, i just wanted to show you all the first chapter for my new TMNT story, Rise of Spike and the Ninja Turtles, in this, Spike is going to be going through the show after being sucked into a mystic portal and mutated into a Dinosaur hybrid like mutant, he'll be with the turtles for a few years by the time the first episode happens and he'll be older then usually. Spike's main weapon will be a double bladed Scythe, and the weapon Donnie didn't pick at the beginning, and will be around 15-16 years old, he'll be having a black mask and will be about as tall as Raph, his powers will be able to have him use his own fire to forge other weapons and constructs like a green lantern, kinda like how Donnie can. He'll have his own traits that make him different from the other TMNT Spike, and it'll make him fun to watch.

I think this show is really awesome and thought it deserved more then what it got, the 2 seasons and movie were absolutely awesome with what work they had, so this should be a shorter story then my other one, but i'll be having a lot of fun working on it. Feel free to leave me any suggestions you have for him and what this story should do, hope you all like this first chapter and look forward to the rest!

We open to a simple view in New York City, it was a normal day as far as everyone could see, but unlike most things here, it's not.
"Hey!" A man shouted as a strange dog creature ran across the crowd.
"What the?!" A man shouted as two large man with dogs on some pouches chased after the creature, the dog jumped over a platform and knocked over some flags that represented the worlds nations, the two man carefully tip toed through them in a comedic fashion and continued to chase after it. The cat creature continued to run for its life as it jumped across some people.

"Not cool dude!" A guy said with anger as the man continued charging through them.
"You gotta watch where your going man!" The man said with anger holding out some money. The creature continued to run into it was cornered into an alleyway.
"This way!" One of them said as the creature growled in anger, the two large men were about to grab him and leapt at him, but the creature suddenly teleported away from them and went back at the entrance and ran off, the two man growled with anger and chased after it.

We cut to a nighttime view of the city where we are at a party on a rooftop, a suspicious looking man is seen by a table as a blond haired man tosses a case on it, the guards around him suddenly multiply until they're all around him and he laughed evilly as he sees what's inside.

The camera zooms upward to a tower where 5 figures are seen, 4 of them are tall mutant turtle creatures, and one is a strange Dragon like mutant with Dinosaur features, he has sharp claws and teeth, a long tail, and a black mask covering his face and is s little taller then the red one with more a little less muscle, but sharp spikes all around him.
"This is gonna be fun guys." He said confidently as the purple one jumped off first followed by the others.

Dramatic music plays as all of them fall from the building and land on a ledge not to far away. The purple one takes out his tech heavy staff and shoots a grapple across the other side to a building and makes a straight line.

"Yellow submarine, are we ready?" The red one asked over an intercom.
"Affirmative Red Rover." A woman said on the other side.
"Right boys, it's go time!" He said turning to them.
"Let's do this." The dragon said confidently sharpening his claws. They all take out straps to zip across the line and jump off the ledge, heroic music plays as they hover over the tower, the red one raises his hand an a record scratch plays as they go right across the place. They continue further until they come onto another roof nearby and that's when the red one gives his order to go.

They all jump down and run across the building.
"Cow/ a/ bun/ ga/ boy!" They all say at once as they fall down.
"Cannonball!" They all shouted as they made a large splash in the pool, a woman appears on screen and cheers for them as the water splashes over her.. but still cheers on like nothing happened. All of them were cheering as the pool was completely empty now.

"I'd say that was a 10/10 splash boys!" The dragon said proudly.
"Totally bro! You must be this rad to ride that ride!" The orange one said casually waving his arms around.
"Uh based on our velocity at every angle, i concur.. we rad!" The purple one said gladly as they stroke a pose.
"That's us boyos!" The dragon said putting his arms behind his head.

"You guys crushed it! Give me five, or three!" The woman said raising he hand up, the dragon gave her some while everyone got out.
"Couldn't've done it without you April, our girl with the plan." The red one said crossing his arms.
"And keys to the roof." The blue one said casually making her scoff as he handed her some keys.
"Let's go Bungee dunk on the hoops of Rucker Park." The orange one suggested.
"Game on! Just one thing first.. Wet floor and dry pool." April said putting up some signs in the pool.

"Always best to have safety." The dragon said with a smile.
"You know it Spike, our work is done here. Donnie, can i hitch a ride?" The woman asked turning to him.
"No probbles." Donnie said turning around showing his metal shell. April jumped on him and they watched as the shell somehow turned into a hover pack for him.
"Let's go boys!!" Spike said amazed as they all jumped the ledge until Raph saw something, he saw the creature from before near a construction sight and it looked scarred.

"Aww.. oh!" The red one said as he slammed into a wall, the others watched curiously as he got up.
"Hey, hey guys hold up, Poor thing looks lost." He said looking down at it.
"Raph i don't think.." Spike said right before he jumped down. Raph landed down on the ground and his size scarred the creature.

"Aw, hey little guy, what are you doing here? Come to big Raphie." Raph said making kissing faces making Spike and the others laugh.
"What? Pets love me alright? I am at one with the animals." Raph said looking at it. The creature growled at him before suddenly latching onto his face and scratching him all over before landing in April's arms.
"Aww... i didn't get this drenched from the cannonball.." April said as it licked her face.
"Your a soft one aren't you?" Spike asked rubbing it's fur which it leaned into.

"It looks so weird, what is it?" Mikey asked curious.
"Maybe some kind of nuclear St. Bernard." Donnie joked which Spike chuckled at. They heard a scoff suddenly and saw two tall humans near the entrance.

"Ooh! Humans!" Raph said as they slid behind April.
"Initiate plan H" Raph whispered to the others before they suddenly appeared next to April with smugs
"Um excuse me sirs, can you direct us to the local science fiction convection that we are totally dressed for?" Leo asked jokingly.
"Snazzy alien turtle outfits huh?" Mikey asked showing himself off.
"Or how about this cool Dragon-Dinosaur hybrid suit of mine?" Spike asked showing his claws
"We are just typical normal humans who got lost in the middle of our normal every day lives. Nailed it" Donnie added.
"Dude you've got to make it to rehearsal." Leo whispered to him.

"Give to me creature.. how do you say.. pretty please, or i'll destroy you." One of them threatened with a Russian accent.
"Really? You think your gonna step to our friend? Rookie mistake boss" Raph said punching his fists together.
"And if you step to my friends, for stepping to you.. for stepping to me.." April said trying to add something in.
"You ruined it April." Spike said disappointed at that.

"You do not intimidate us, with or without your fake nerd voices." The guy said with anger.
"That was actually my normal voice." Donnie said offended crossing his arms.
"Well you better get intimidated, because we ain't nothing like you've ever seen!" Raph said confidently.
"What's wrong with my voice?" Donnie asked again.
"It's too snarky at times." Spike answered making the others chuckle.

The man huffed with anger as he and the other guy suddenly started glowing and had purple energy fly around them.
"Whoa, no way!" They all said amazed.
"That is so cool.." Spike said amazed as well.
"Dude! Jumping Jack Flash!" Raph said in shock. They watched in shock as they're bodies glowed purple and they grew sharper body armor and they're dogs became beasts to ride on, and they grew really long deadly swords.

"So.. you guys from Jersey?" Leo asked casually.
"Really Leo?" Spike asked annoyed as the others looked annoyed as well.
"What? I can't make a joke in the middle of the craziest thing ever, that's how i cope." Leo said in defense.
"Whatever, this our chance to finally use these baby's! Weapons ahoy!" Raph announced as they drew they're weapons, Spike drew a scythe from his back and slammed it on the ground.

"I still think i should've went with a spear, but hey, it's cool either way!" Spike said twirling it around and putting it on his back. The demon dogs charged at them with rage as they all got into a fighting stance, Spike was the first one to charge up first and twirled his weapon around like crazy, Spike jumped in the air and screamed as he tried clashing with the warrior, but it raised it's sword up and clashed with Spike's, the weapon was way too durable and it shattered the weapon.
"My Scythe!" Spike said in shock right before the warrior punched him to the wall and made a crater.
"Spike! You alright dude?" Raph asked worried.
"I'm okay.." Spike said giving then a thumbs up.

"Don't worry guys, i got this." Donnie said confidently as he turned his staff into a rocket staff.
"Fibonacci!" Donnie shouted as he threw the thing around at crazy speeds, but the thing wasn't accurate with it's aim and twirled around in the air.
"Oh no! ah, no no no no! That's bad" Donnie said as it went higher, the dog creature chirped and suddenly teleported away.
"Dog- thingy!" April said with worry as it teleported in front of the staff and brought it to Donnie.

"Hey, it plays fetch!" Donnie said as it went over to April again.
"And it teleports.. and, oh my gosh it teleports!" Donnie said in shock as he realized what it just did. The creature growled at him and charged up its sword before firing a dark energy blast that sent him flying into a wall near April.
"Pro tip, the inexplicable glowy wave, extraordinarily painful.." Donnie said as he groaned in pain.

"Alright Mikey, you take the one that looks like a toaster. I'll handle the guy who looks like a broken trash can." Raph instructed holding his weapons before they dodged a sword swing.
"They look exactly the same! And they don't look like either of those things!" Mikey shouted as they were fighting off one of those dogs.
"Hey where you going?" Leo asked confused as he heard another snarl and saw the monster again.
"You had to ruin cannonball day." Leo said annoyed as he drew his swords.

He jumped up in the air at fast speeds and whooped in joy as he slashed at them, but when he opened his eyes he saw his swords were broken apart.
"My swords!" Leo said annoyed as dog chomped them down, the warrior laughed evilly before Leo threw the edges on his face.
"I don't need weapons to beat you! I got my rad skills" Leo shouted as he slid under the sword slice and ran up a truck and twirled around before falling face flat..

Raph got punched back to the construction area and coughed a bit.
"Mikey, ninja mode!" Raph instructed, they both stepped back for a minute and vanished into the shadows. The creature growled with anger before he turned around and saw Mikey and Raph hiding near some metal bars.
"Okay, uh there's a chance he can still see us.." Raph said right before the creature shot a blast from his sword again and blew up their hiding spot.

"Plan double B!" Raph announced.
"Yeah!" Mikey shouted as he went into his shell, Raph grabbed it and threw it.
"Brother ball!" Raph shouted as it was thrown to the creature at fast speeds, but the creature raised it's hand and grabbed him by the chest. Mikey made a ninja sound and took out his weapons, he tried whacking at his arm over and over again, but that only resulted in him being hit in the face over and over again.
"Had enough yet?" Mikey asked with bruises in his face. The creature held him with the dark energy and threw him down, it grabbed his weapons and crushed them.

"My chuks!" Mikey said in horror as the pieces fell to the ground.
"Hey! Why don't you pick on someone my size?" Raph asked twirling his weapons around. A bell made a ding sound and the creature snapped his fingers, the guys monster dog suddenly barked at him and Raph screamed as he was chased around by the thing.
"Ah!" Raph screamed as he was bit on the head and tossed around like a doll before being thrown to the ground.

Raph coughed roughly and tried reaching for his weapons, but that dark energy hit the thing and destroyed it like the others, the creature towered over him and knocked Raph right onto Spike and the others.
"So much for a first impression guys.." Spike said weakly trying to get up.

"Hey! Trash can and toaster boy! if you know what's good for you, you'll leave my friends.. alone.." April said right before the creature was trapped in a strange ball, it tried teleporting out but the magic was too secure for it.
"No! No!!" April screamed as she was dragged to the creature, the monster grabbed the ball and shot April down next to the others.
"I have the agent and the vial!" The monster reported looking at the creature, the other one raised up its hands and created a symbol on a wall that glowed blue, and it somehow created a doorway within it.

"Whoa!" Spike and the others said at once, they heard a bell ring and saw a pizza guy coming through.
"Sweet shortcut, wait.. this is not a shortcut!" The guy screamed before Spike tackled him out of the way.
"Here's the deal kid, you don't tell anyone about this, and nothing bad happens to you, got it?" Spike asked helping him up.
"Sure thing! Thanks!" The guy said handing him the large pile of pizzas before running off.
"Well.. at least we got free pizza." Mikey said as he ran off.( Come on guys he didn't deserve what happened to him).

"The dog thingy!" April shouted as the monsters were running to the portal.
"Stop right there!" Spike shouted as he tried breathing a fire blast on them, but the blast barely fazed through the armor and they went through the portal.
"April, no!" Raph shouted as she jumped in right before the portal closed and Raph got slammed into the wall.
"April!" Spike said with worry.. as he casually ate a slice along with Mikey.

"I think she's okay cause there's no like, April bits on the ground." Leo said looking around as Donnie typed on a wrist watch he had and they checked the other side.
"Hey April, are your bits on the other side of the wall? How do we get her out of there?" Raph asked worried.
"And equally important, where is there?" Donnie added as Mikey saw the symbol stop glowing.

"Oh hey i've seen this before!" Mikey said as Spike realized it too.
"He's right, we all have, and we all know where that came from.." Spike said as we cut to them going back to their home lair looking at a cabinet.
"In Splinter's do not touch cabinet." Mikey said as they saw a similar device on the counter.
"Your right, it's just like the symbol those creeps have." Raph said in agreement.
"Why don't we just ask him for it guys?" Spike suggested holding on to the large pile of pizzas he got.

"And what if he says why we want it? That we need it to go after our best friend, who disappeared into a wall after our priceless weapons were destroyed by mystical jogger guys?" Leo asked as Raph smacked his head.
"Shh. Okay here's the plan, we get Splinter out of the room" Raph said as they all saw him watching a japenese show and they slid in front of the screen and bowed in respect.

"Hey pop, any chance we can have the living room tonight?" Raph asked hopefully.
"We got a ton of pizzas you can have in exchange!" Spike offered holding out the boxes. Splinter was drinking some milk before he opened his eyes and laughed hard.
"And i thought that purple was the funny one! Black is always the most reliable when it comes to keeping you in check next to Red." Splinter replied referring to their mask colors.

"I told you guys i was the funniest." Donnie mocked.
"Says the guy who drew eyebrows on his head with sharpie pen." Spike teased making the others laugh.
"Ohh! Sick burn!" Mikey said giving him a high five and Donnie grumbled before turning back to Splinter.

"What if i hooked it up so you could watch it in bed huh? Wouldn't that be even lazier?" Donnie offered
"No, my butt is asleep, just how i like it. Now leave me be! They're about to break out of scorpions!" Splinter said as they watched Splinter laugh at the weird show he likes.
"I still prefer musical shows." Spike whispered to the others as we cut to them trying another plan.

"Plan one didn't work, new plan!" Raph said as he put a piece of paper down, Spike and Leo looked at eachother and nodded before sliding off for a moment.
"Alright listen up, we need 10 chickens, a gallon of rubber sement, and.." Raph said before Spike held the thing in his claw.
"Leon and Spike's got it." Leo said casually.
"How'd you too get it?" Raph asked confused as Spike ate another slice.

"You know how he always passes out after milk and cake." Leo said as they peaked over and saw him snoring softly.
" A few years living here with you guys and i still can't believe he's supposed to be a ninja master." Spike said seeing his state.
"Hey don't underestimate him bro, when he gets off his butt, you know he can kick butt." Raph said patting his back.
"Yeah i know, let's go save April!" Spike said running off with the others.

Dramatic music plays as we see Spike and the others back at the site from before.
"Okay, Let me see that thing, if my memory serves me correctly.." Spike said as he put the thing on the wall, the thing started glowed as it spun around like a fast clock with cracks forming all over the thing.
"Twilight would be proud of me for this." Spike said as he drew the symbol on the wall and it opened the portal from before.

"Yeah, way to go Spike!" Mikey said patting him on the back.
"Hey, i learned art from the best!" Spike said proudly rubbing his head in response.
"You beautiful fools, it worked!" Donnie said as they looked down.
"You guys thinking what i'm thinking?" Spike asked with a smug.

"Oh yeah bro! Let's do it!" Raph said as he ran in first.
"Cannonball!" Raph shouted jumping into it.
"Cannonball!" Spike and the others shouted jumping into it as well.
"Woo hooo!" Spike screamed in joy as he and the others traveled through the portal and they landed on the ground, Spike landed on his feet after the others fell down.

"Oh whoa.." Leo said in amazement as they see themselves in a strange underground civilization that was full of strange creatures.
"I can smell Raph's amazement stink." Donnie said as they all continued looking around at this amazing place.

"Psst, hey guys, over here!" April whispered as they saw her behind them.
"April, your okay!" Spike said in relief giving her a hug along with the others before letting go.

"Donnie, where are we?" Raph asked curious.
"According to my calculations, we are in a tertiary meta-verse." Donnie suggested.
"Actually, i've been exploring, and were in a hidden mystic city deep under New York." April announced as they looked up and saw the buildings at the top.
"How did we go this long without noticing it?" Spike asked in shock with the others amazed as well.

"So where's the dog thingy?" Leo asked curious.
"He's in there." April replied looking at a huge building within the distance. They all went inside the place and watched in amazement as they looked around the place.
"Oh look at the color scheme, i'd love to do my lab in this style." Donnie said in amazement.
"I should paint my drum set in this color, make me look cooler!" Spike said pretending to twirl drumsticks around.

"Hey, there's the little guy, and another person in there too!" Raph said as they saw the creature and a civilian trapped in some cages.
"Someone's coming!" April said as they saw a door open, the creature curled up as it saw a strange creature tower over it.

"Who are you?! Why did you bring me here?!" The person asked with fear.
"You will be talked to later." The creature said as he leaned into the cage.
"So nice of you to return my vial. The man said as he took the vial on its neck and ripped it off before going over to the civilian.

"You are about to be part of an experiment that will change the very nature of humanity." The man said walking to him.
"What?!" the guy asked in fear.
"Hmm.." Spike and the others hummed at once with interest. They watched as the guy turned a machine on as there were millions of insects flying around inside, the guy took out the cork and poured the green ooze into it.

"This dude looks like trouble.." April said worried as they saw the machine power up.
"Yeah, and i've learned anything from Jupiter Jim movies, glowing green usually equals bad." Raph replied as they saw another fly latch onto it, and all the others absorbed the ooze into themselves.
"Let me go, i don't want this to happen!" The guy said in fear as vines wrapped around his body.
"Don't worry, it will not hurt, if i'm not doing it right." The man said as the fly latched onto the person.

They watched in horror as the fly injected the ooze into him and he turned into something else.
"Oh my Celestia.. i shouldn't have eaten all that pizza!" Spike said in disgust holding it back.
"That is messed up!" April said in disgust as well. They watched in horror as the innocent person was turned into a fish monster and he screamed in terror.
"Yeah jury's in. That was imitation crab." Donnie mocked which made them look at him.
"I'm a monster, i'm a monster!!" The person screamed in terror as he ran out of the room.
"Should we go after him boss?" A creature on his shoulder asked curiously.

"The mutation worked, just like it did all those years ago.." The man said with interest.
"Mutation? You mean like us?" Raph asked worried. Spike growled with anger as he knew this was a bad thing.
"If he's the reason we're the way we are, then we have to stop him!" Spike said determined.
"But Spike, except for Donnie, we are without weapons." Leo added.
"No taint to you, next time make your weapons out of high grade titanium." Donnie said tapping his staff together.

"Guys, who needs weapons?! We're ninjas! Leo's got his mad skills, Spike's got his fire, nobody flips better then Mikey, Donnie's got that big old brain, and i got uh.. " Raph said before April pushed him over.
"A friend who knows where a room full of weapons are!" April said pointing somewhere.
"Oh thank goodness we were so dead." Leo whispered to the others.

Rock music plays as April pulls a lever and a door opened underneath all of them and they fell into another room full of huge weapons.
"No way! It's like if magic and science had a baby!" Donnie said as he and the others were amazed.
"This is so cool! I never got to fight with stuff like this back home!" Spike said as he tried searching for a Scythe like his.
"Yeah you mean before you got mutated into a Dinosaur mutant, and are currently a hybrid between a Velociraptor and a Dragon? Who by the way are believed to not exist anymore." Donnie teased which made Spike roll his eyes.
"Whatever you saw pen-brow." Spike mocked searching for something.

"Hey yo guys! How bout we take the glowy ones?" Raph asked showing them 5 glowing artifacts.
"5 ancient looking weapons in a underground city that look awesome, uh.. yes please!" Spike shouted as he and the others went to get them.
"Oh dibs on the sword!" Leo shouted as he grabbed the ancient sword and swung it around.
"A double bladed Scythe?! Heck yeah baby!!" Spike said as he grabbed a black and red Scythe with blades on both sides and twirled them around like crazy.

"What about you Donnie?" April asked holding out the purple spear with a chain on the back.
"No i'm good, i'll never let you go." Donnie said rubbing his staff.
"I still think i could use a spear just in case, so.. i'll take it!" Spike said grabbing it and sliced it around.
"You have a grabby problem you know that Spike?" April asked as he put it away.
"Eh, it comes with my kind." Spike said casually.
"Now let's go save that dog thingy!" Raph said confidently.

The strange creature was walking around holding up another fly.
"Finally, after all these years, i can continue my work." The man said before a loud thud was heard and he saw Spike and the others come through a hatch and landed down.
"We gotta work on our landing guys.." Spike said getting up.

"What?" The man asked in shock
"All right you incredibly unusually buff bookworm, give us the little guy, and you'll walk out of here with your horns attached." Raph said pointing at him.
"Or else we'll make sure your nothing but sliced up ashes!" Spike said twirling his new Scythe around.
"Dang Spike, you gotta say stuff like that? Mine was good enough." Raph asked confused.

"What? Come on dude, we gotta make sure he feels intimidated you know? How do you think i wake you all up for our little patrols?" Spike asked turning to him while the man looked at them in awe.
"That's because you play your drum set really loud! I swear ever since you became a drummer, you always talk about music." Leo said annoyed pointing to him.
"Hey, your just jealous that i've got mad skills." Spike said proudly making him scoff.

"Let's do this, April O Neil!" April shouted as she jumped off the ledge.
"Oh my gosh she just ran in!" Mikey shouted as they all were worried, April landed over to the cell the creature was in and tried breaking him free. The bat creatures crept up behind her and carried her off as the man turned to them and created large tentacles which they all jumped over, Spike slid down one and rolled over to another one and flipped off it as he and the others went down some more, the creature held out a strange object before slamming it on the ground. Cracks began to emerge from it as they watched as a large rock monster emerged from it.

"Oh my gosh!" April said in shock while the others were amazed.
"Dude, seriously?!" Raph asked it toward over them. The creature grabbed the vines and slammed them down which caused it to fly upwards launching all of them to the ground and saw the monster roar at them.
"Capture those specimens!" The man ordered as the monster charged at them.
"Cowabunga!" Raph shouted while he and the others charged as well.

Spike twirled his new Scythe around at fast speeds as he jumped into the air, he screamed with rage as he slammed the thing on his arm which damaged it badly. Leo ducked under an arm attack and slid the sword on the ground before cutting the sword right through its leg. The monster roared in anger as it slammed it's other fist on the ground and threw a bunch of rocks to Raph and Mikey. Raph and Mikey jumped over the rubble and Mikey wrapped his chain around Raph.
"Hot soup!" Mikey and Raph shouted as he was thrown to the monster and slammed on its face.

This caused it to tip on over as Donnie landed on the ground and activated his rocket staff and twirled it around once more but was having trouble again.
"No no no no no no! Look out guys!" Donnie shouted as everyone barely avoided the thing.
"You need to work on that move Don!" Spike shouted as they watch it go up the things arm and hit it in the face and twirled its body around before falling on it's face.
"Nailed it!" Donnie shouted as he grabbed the thing confidently.

"Accidentally impressive, with a little bit of training, you'd be as formidable as i'd hoped" The man said as all of them were getting up from the fight.
"Okay well great and since your surrendering.." Leo said before the guy laughed mockingly.
"Baron Draxum does not surrender." Draxum said menacingly.
"So that's your name? Cool cool, sounds like a comic book villain name." Spike said getting up, Draxum looked at Spike with interest.

"You are a dragon? A Dinosaur-dragon hybrid, how interesting.. how did you come to this world?" Draxum asked with interest.
"Ugh, fell through a strange portal of mystic energy, got mutated somehow in the process, ended up near these guys home and was taken in, been living there for 3 years by now." Spike explained bluntly.
"And if you think your gonna get your filthy hands on him, think again!" Raph said as he landed back down.
"All right guys, time to put our training to good use!" Raph said confidently.

"What training? You guys have been training?" Leo asked as they jumped ahead with April being carried by the bats still.
"Of course dude, it's what ninjas do?" Spike asked annoyed going after him as well.

Dramatic music played as the Draxum morphed his arms into larger more deadly ones, Spike twirled his staff around and swept under his punches while Raph tried punching at him, Leo came down from the air and tried slicing him before it was avoided.
"Cowabunga!" Mikey shouted as he slammed his weapon down which he blocked, Spike and the others jumped in the air and tried attacking again before he slammed on the ground creating a large shockwave that sent them flying back.

"And that's why Baron Draxum!" He said right before one of his minions fell on his head.
"I'm sorry boss.." The minion said before he passed out. April screamed with anger as she landed back down and beat the other one up like a mad woman before giving them a thumbs up, with Spike and the others doing so as well. Draxum shot a blast at April which caused a strange web to wrap around her and restrain her.

"April!" Raph said with worry.
"You did not just do that to our friend!" Mikey said before he threw his weapon at him like a yoyo again.
"Huh?" Draxum asked confused as the thing hovered in the air for a moment before it glowed for a moment and lit itself on fire.
"Whoa.. magic weapon.. AHH! Whoa! Whoa!" Mikey shouted as he went flying all around the room at super fasts speeds and hit the green orb in the center, which made it break apart and fall into the ooze before exploding as Mikey flying back down to the others.
"Whoa! Mikey that was awesome! How did you do that?!" Raph asked amazed with the others in awe.

"Oh i gotta try this out!" Spike said trying to unlock his, he tried twirling the thing around like a cyclone which somehow activated them and it glowed black and red, Spike suddenly got an urge to breath fire on it and he did so, the fire flew around the weapon before it formed around him and created a glowing green armor of fire!
"Awesome!!" Spike said in amazement as he bashed his fists together.

"Let me try! Magic weapon, magic weapon, magic weapon!" Raph said trying to activate it before the thing glowed around his fists.
"Awe yeah! Magic weapon!" Raph shouted right before he got slammed backwards into a wall creating a crater.
"Mine works too!" Raph said weakly.

"Can't wait to find out what my weapon does!" Leo shouted running to him at fast speeds, Leo's sword glowed and started glitching out. Draxum raised his arms in the air right as Leo slashed at him, which had no affect. Leo laughed nervously before his sword had electricity around it and created a portal around him.
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa!" Leo shouted as he fell through it, a portal appeared right above the other one and Leo went flying through it over and over.
"Get.. me.. off.. this.. ride.. whoa!" Leo shouted as he fell through it at super fast speeds.

"And that's why i like fighting the old fashioned way." Donnie said sliding to him.
"With impossibly futuristic high tech weaponry!" Leo shouted as Donnie tried to attack him. Spike bashed his fists together again and charged at him once more.
"Let's see how this.. works!" Spike screamed as he jumped into the air and raised his weapon and was about to strike.
"Look out!" Mikey shouted right before he slammed into Spike and Donnie and they went flying around the room.

"You all fight like a bunch of untrained buffoons but, under me, you could become true warriors!" Draxum shouted as he shot more traps to them and restrained all of them.
"We don't spend enough quality time together." Mikey said rubbing Donnie's cheek.
"Oh please not now Mikey." Donnie said annoyed.

"How are we gonna save this dog thingy now?!" April asked with worry.
"Donnie's on it!" Donnie said as he tried looking for a way out, he looked up and saw the reactor was about to explode.
"Wait a second! Ah!" Donnie screamed as they both saw what was happening.
"Turtles! Why are you trying to stop my plans! We are all in this together!" Draxum said with anger.
"Uh, hey i don't know if this is part of your plan, but the labs about to explode!" Donnie said before they all screamed in fear.

Draxum turned around and had a look of shock as the core exploded and rubble fell down.
"Aw nuts.." Draxum said right before he was crushed by a giant rock. A metal bar fell on the creatures cage and it teleported out and to them.
"Little guy! Can you do your thing and get us out of here?" April asked hopefully. The creature complied and used it's powers and teleported them out of the building before it all came down.

They all teleported outside and Mikey quickly drew the symbol as the place was about to explode.
"Come on come on come on!!" Spike shouted as the portal opened and they quickly jumped through the thing as the place exploded.

They all screamed as they went flying out of the portal and back to the construction sight and fell on their faces, Mikey dropped the device before it broke apart.
"Oh no! Splinter's doohickey!" Mikey said with worry.
"He's gonna kill us!" Spike said in fear.

"Man.." April said stretching her back before the creature landed in her arms.
"Are you okay boy? Or girl? You sure were good through all that mayhem, hey Mayhem! That's a cute name!" April said liking that.
"That sounds good to me!" Spike said rubbing his head.

"We just defeated a boss villain. We're heroes!" Raph shouted as they struck a pose together.
"We deserve a name like.. the Mad Dogs!" Raph said as he tried thinking of something.
"Mad dogs? you don't think something like Mutant Ninja Turtle Teens or.. i don't know, we'll keep brainstorming. " Leo added.

"Uh guys..?" Spike asked as they saw the fly from before and they all suddenly saw a swarm of the creatures fly out of the portal and into the city.
"Huh, that can't be good.." Donnie said worried.
"We should go people's blinds are starting to open" Leo said as they started to move.
"Let's go guys!" Spike shouted as they ran off to escape before they could be seen..

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Awesome sneak peak on this! And I watched the rise and the movie, it was great!

Oohh sweet preview here of my fave TMNT series, I especially love Spike's witty banter alongside the turtle bros! :moustache:

Great use of my suggestion regarding his powers there, looking forward to more when it comes out Dragonfan! :raritywink:

PS : Got a new avatar from my artist friend, hope you like it!:pinkiehappy:

Wasn't a fan of Rise..but got into it later and enjoy it..

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