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    Thank you MatPat

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Spike in the TMNT 2003 series, suggestions · 12:56am Dec 21st, 2023

Hey guys, i hope your all having a great day, i just wanna give a quick thank you to all the people who have been following me, and i can't thank all of you enough for being so kind with your support.

As the title suggests, i am planning on making a story where Spike will go through the 2003 ninja turtles show, like the one i'm doing right now. But one thing i'm having a little trouble deciding, is how it should be set up, i'm thinking of it being similar to how my current one is, but i wanna hear what you all think.

I have a set mutation for Spike in TMNT 2012, but i've been wondering how i should do both Spike's character, and mutation in that series, i'm wondering on what kind of mutant i should make him, a lot of you either suggested a dinosaur like mutant, or a wolf like one, i like both of these ideas a lot, and think they'd lead to some interesting character drama. I am hoping to hear some ideas from anyone who reads this, and gives me suggestions on how i should do it. i may do the original show and Rise as well, but i wanna stick to these two for now, please let me know what your ideas are, and i hope you all have a great day!

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Comments ( 9 )

huh. that's a tuff one sense 2002 is way different from 2012.

Maybe it could be an accident with the teleporter the umtrom built on Earth that causes Spike to be teleported to the other world years later and amongst the turtles and splinter a few days before the first layer gets attacked by the mousers with Spike ending up with the turtles after the attack and waking up the day that the mousers attack, just minutes before.

you.. are gonna do 2003 series...FUCK YES!!! As for mutation. Hmmm. Him sticking to being a Dragon but also changing into a wolf would be good like you mentioned in the post. But I think he should have to struggle with control with both halves of him fighting for control of his body. Plus. Both sides should have a feral mode to them. Like they reach a point where he can't contain either side and he goes berserk and it's up to the Turtles and Splinter to bring him back to reality.

Either right before the first episode of the series or after the whole thing is finished.

i'm planning on it start around the time Splinter is captured by the Kraang of that universe, and Spike would be a subject as well

You mean the Utrom and Ch’rell?

Yeah, i think taking Spike in a direction like that would be interesting.

So he'd end up mutated and grows up beside Leatherhead?

it's a bit different then that, give me time please, i'm already busy as it is

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