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    Pony Meets World has returned with Season 3.

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    Don't mind her.

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    In Light of Recent Events Today… (rant post)

    I would like to take the time to discuss some stuff in terms of victims of toxicity, xenophobia, or suicidal-ness (the right thing to do in a post with the slightest relation to such events, and also put my foot down and establish boundaries between me and… quite a couple of people (main reason behind this post).

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    If I wrote Pibby stories on other shows…

    Would y’all be able to read them if I posted links from other sites here, or made a group for them?

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    [̸I̴ ̵S̸T̷I̴L̵L̴ ̶L̵I̸V̴E̸ ̴O̵N̵]̸

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A sad, yet wholesome, short story of mine. · 3:50am Dec 4th, 2023

Wrote this for school, and I figured I’d share it. What do you all think?

He had always felt that something was off. The tired look in his mother’s eyes, the slit pupils that always gazed at him with motherly love, and that peculiar smile that showed her teeth being sharper than normal. His feelings started when he was just at an age when he was aware of his surroundings.

He never had the motivation to ask her the truth. He had only anxieties and concerns when the thought of doing so crossed his mind. He had only once before asked his dad, who had simply brushed it off with unease in his voice as he spoke.

But this was the night where he discovered the truth, the answers to his curiosities. It was never meant to happen, of course, it all went unplanned.

He had woken up in the middle of the night, his throat sore with dryness, letting him know he was parched. He massaged his face as consciousness took over, and he got off the bed, the cold touch of the floor sending a shiver through his body.

He tried to be as silent as possible, trying his best to avoid making a waking noise. As he got to the kitchen, he saw someone there, her loud breath quivering, and her limbs shaking as she quickly drank a glass of water. Her silvery hair could be seen thanks to  the faint outside lights, and her coal-colored skin was even darker than the sky. Upon a closer inspection, her forearms and hands were furry, and her fingernails were bright white piercing sharp nails. He saw a pointed ear poking from her hair, which twitched as she heard him step back. She turned to glance at the boy, the glowing red eyes sending a spike of fear through him.

He could just barely see the face, and he thought, could it be? And his assumptions were correct, for this monster was his mother.

He felt at a loss, and he felt unsafe. He took more steps back, each one quicker than the last. He felt himself about to run, he felt he’d be attacked, but then she reached out, and called out his name.

He nearly disobeyed, but the plea in her voice was enough to make him pause. Was she going to cry? Was she... afraid?

He gained the courage to approach what was indeed his mother. With nowhere left to go, she gave him the truth. She was never human, but rather a creature not natural to this world. With what was an ability of hers, she cloaked her true appearance to blend in. Through his mother, the boy had discovered a revelation... the supernatural do exist.  

But through all he had seen of demons like her, would it be bold to assume she followed the stereotype? Red eyes and sharp teeth, he heard, meant nothing more than danger, and sharp claws were made to tear apart prey. But instead of what he’s heard from plenty of people, all he saw in front of him was a broken-down mother. She had meant no harm. She never had.

He realized she had lived in shame and fear, hiding who she was from the world. Knowing people would judge a book by its cover. So instead of joining the crowd, he instead approached his mother, and gave her a hug.  

That night the young boy shared to his mother some advice of his own. “You’re not what they say you are. The world paints you as a monster. But at heart you are pure, and you never wanted harm. Don’t let them make you forget that.”

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