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Man, I wish Bios where longer, guess that means I have to shorten it. But I'm lazy about it so I'll do it later.(probably never) If I see an opportunity to meme I'm going to meme.

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This actually might happen · 8:06pm Nov 12th, 2023

if you don't or do know, (Probably haven't said it tho) My sleeping schedule is bucked up. Can't ever get enough sleep, haven't for months, but recently I've actually gotten decent sleep, I'm talking 6 to 9 'an a half hours. I've always woken up in 1-4 hours and then try to go back to sleep, If I keep up my sleep schedule for the next two weeks, I could start actually looking for a job, that metal work company hasn't given me any openings, especially when they are HIRING. But by the time I get my sleep together, It'll be almost December, So starting new years, I'll be going places to see who'll hire me. I woke up today not tired, which is a first, I've never not woken up feeling tired in the last six years.

It's strange, but welcoming.
I guess you could say "If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit." - Banksy

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I haven't slept for more than two or three hours a night for several days, now. And it's bugging me that I don't feel tired at all.:unsuresweetie:

That said, if you want something that'll put you to sleep fast-like, try the Get Sleepy YT channel.

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