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    So, I didn't get to everything I wanted to do this year, but that's fine. For the past three months, I've been working a night shift again, which has really screwed up my internal clock and really focused on school. So, writing is always going to be the last thing on my mind before the rest of my other responsibilities. But I'm happy to have finally finished Lucky Horseshoes. But 2024 is going to

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    Thoughts on Buckball Season

    I thought this episode was one of the funniest episodes in the entire season as it does well with the premise and humor, which also starts a rather fun subplot with the new sport "buckball" growing in popularity. So basiclly, "buckball" was just invented, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash are on track to compete against Appleloosa. Little did they know that three-star athletes were with them: Pinkie

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    Thoughts on Dungeons and Discords

    This is a great one in general, especially in the second half, but I wished it did more with the premise it presented, which helped me make a future fanfic idea. Basiclly The mane six go on a trip to Yakyakastan, leaving "the boys" by themselves (minus the fact they don't have a pet sitter for their pets like when they went to the Crystal Empire, but that's a nitpick). Discord is the most

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    Thoughts on Times are a Changeling

    This episode is one that I have mixed feelings about. I do have to admit that when it comes to some of the episodes, I think it would have been better if they split some into two parts to help flesh out the ideas better and help with the pacing. This episode is one of them as this is the first episode where we see a Changeling since season 5's ending and the first time we seen Changelings having

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    Thoughts on 28 Pranks Later

    This episode was one that I felt needed more time in the oven, as it wasn't one I particularly cared for. First, the beginning, where Rainbow Dash scares Fluttershy, makes no sense. Not only did they make it clear that Fluttershy was easily frightened in the last Halloween special, but it also felt overly cruel for Rainbow Dash to prank Fluttershy, knowing her since she was a filly. Then we get

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Thoughts on Applejack's "Day" off · 5:22pm September 24th

This episode is one of those "meh" episodes; it's not great, but it's not bad. But I think it shows one of the biggest issues with Applejack. Most of the main six throughout the show have shown much growth, Twilight and Fluttershy being the most significant two. Rainbow Dash becomes a Wonderbolt and repeatedly proves her loyalty to her friends. Pinkie Pie has grown less insecure about her friend's feelings towards her. But Applejack seems stuck in her ways more so than the rest. Every time we get an episode about her, it's that she's obsessive over making sure things are done her way, and has to be shown she needs to be open-minded to other possibilities or even other characters trying to help her. We went through this from the Applebuck Season, Look Before You Sleep, The Last Roundup, Games Ponies Play, and Somepony to Watch Over Me. Unlike Fluttershy, where episodes focus on her battling her insecurities and fears, we see her grow and become more confident. Applejack always seems to backpedal to her old ways, and I can see why that may be frustrating to watch over and over again.

But this episode showcases her better qualities, one about fixing a problem at any cost and being willing to sacrifice her time off to help others. She basiclly fixes their issues with the lack of steam for the ponies and the plumbing and sees they need to improve how they do things to make the spa run more smoothly, then learns the reason she doesn't have enough time to enjoy a spa day with Rarity is that she's doing the same with her chores. I like the lesson about reflecting on how to do things more efficiently, but I wish the episode were more interesting or exciting.

I think the star of the episode is Rarity, who seems to be the most different form of Applejack, but she's an excellent foil to her character and can help mend her stubborn attitude and seems to want her friend to be herself and let go once in a while. Rarity has also grown a lot from how we first saw her in season one, being stuck up and manipulative. Now, she's more generous and always does whatever it takes to help her friends more than helping herself. She went out of her way to try to get Applejack to come to a spa date multiple times, proving that she has changed a lot and is a much better character.

Overall, this episode was a good way for me to reflect on the character growth of Applejack and Rarity, and hopefully, things only get better from here.

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I agree with this episode being heavily flawed, but watchable. I also think it's easier to understand AJ's stance when you consider...

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