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Rekindling the Magic: Personal Updates and Pony Adventures · 4:01am Sep 10th, 2023

Good evening once again, lovely readers! I've got some exciting updates to share, both on a personal level and in terms of our storytelling journey.

📝Pondering on the Past: In the personal realm, I've rekindled my passion for writing, which has been an incredibly gratifying experience. I'm currently in the process of breathing new life into my previous tales, while also revisiting some old drafts that had been tucked away for a staggering eight years! It's truly astonishing to contemplate the lengthy hiatus I took from writing. Returning to the FimFiction community after all this time feels somewhat surreal. While much has evolved and transformed, there are still remnants of the familiar. It's a bittersweet sentiment to observe several of my fellow authors, whose works I once relished reading, writing, and collaborating on edits with, now displaying the label "Last seen: Multiple years ago" next to their profile photos. I'm aware that some might have experienced similar feelings about my own absence at some point. Perhaps they, too, will make a comeback, but inevitably, some will embark on new adventures beyond the keyboard, forging friendships in realms untethered to this digital space.

🏈A Different Kind of Fantasy: Shifting gears a bit, I've recently embarked on another new and unexpected journey into the world of Fantasy Football, specifically within the realm of the NFL. For my first time playing, I am proud of the fact that my team features Patrick Mahomes as my quarterback, my second pick, despite my heart leaning toward the Baltimore Ravens (Sorry Lamar but the points...). I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed assembling my team during the draft, stealing two picks (unknowingly) right before my husband drafted, and possibly winning (projected, anyway) in Week 1!

💐Ticking Off the Never-Ending Wedding/Marriage Checklist: In another delightful development, I've finally completed the design for my wedding thank-you cards, albeit almost a year behind schedule. I'm eagerly anticipating the moment when I can place the order and send these tokens of gratitude to all the cherished family and friends who shared in our special day.

:pinkiehappy: Ponies, Ponies, and More Ponies!: On the pony front, I've decided to embark on an epic rewatch of the ENTIRE series, encompassing Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls, the delightful shorts on YouTube, and the enchanting new adventures of the Mane 5. It's become evident to me that I've fallen far behind on all things pony-related. Truth be told, I've only watched the last few seasons featuring the Mane 6 once or twice, and I'm struggling to recall the names of even the most prominent characters. Just this week, I stumbled upon the origin story of King Sombra in the comics, unveiling a remarkably darker facet of the MLP universe. Nevertheless, I believe that investing the time to immerse myself once more in this enchanting world will not only enhance my writing prowess but also ignite fresh creative ideas. Moreover, there's an undeniable joy that ponies bring into my life, making this endeavor all the more worthwhile.

Story Updates:


  • Outcast Like Me - To be honest, I don't know if I will ever author mature fiction again. I do love romance stories, but my focus has been more primarily on Everyone and Teen ratings when it comes to that regard.




  • The Ursa's Tower - Princess Twilight sends Trixie and Starlight to discover the Ursa's Tower's ancient history, a fascination from pre-Windigo times. As they travel Equestria, meeting tribes, they unearth the tower's origin stories.
  • Sentry of My Heart - Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry's first meeting was not of this world. She knows their love was meant to be. Thanks to her current assignment in the Crystal Empire, their friendship seems to be blossoming into something more lately. However, the ponies' current duties as a princess and a crystal royal guard pull them in different directions, and the soon-to-be vast distance between them threatens to extinguish the flames of their budding romance. Can the magic of their connection overcome the challenges of duty and distance, or will their love remain a distant star in the night sky of Equestria?
  • Siren's Serenade - A romance story between Adagio Dazzle and Coloratura.
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