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Female Writer, Bisexual Writer, Smolder X Mare Crackship Connoisseur. Creator of the Smolderverse, and writer of many other kinds of clop and SFW stories (Commissions temporarily OPEN)

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    Looking for Feedback (G5 Fanfics)

    I've been mulling over this for a while, ever since the ending of Make Your Mark. I want to make G5 fanfics that have only the movie and MYM as canon, not TYT. As I refuse to watch TYT on principle of it being too low-effort to be a main series, this is how my new G5 fics would be going forward.

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  • 6 weeks
    Camp NaNoWriMo Update

    So while I did get sick over the past few days, I'm very happy and relieved to announce that I've started and still intend on finishing +30K for commissions as my Camp NaNoWriMo project. The story that I said I'd publish before the end of March wasn't published because the very talented artist is still working on the cover art, but once they are done, you all will be seeing at least

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    March/April Update: Return to Pony

    Yo yo yo, it's been a while since I've done one of these posts and while I've been updating stories every couple weeks at least, it's still not as much as I would like. I had huge burnout as well as being sick towards the end of last year, as well as personal responsibilities that I've been taking care of. And of course, I've recently come to find how hard it has been that I've let both matters

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    Slower Commission Times (Dying Laptop)

    Hello, as some of you might’ve noticed, I've had to push back on deadlines and start times for my commissions. While a lot of this is because of my other new job and personal responsibilities, it's also because of a more recent and pressing issue that has only gotten worse as time goes on: my ol' laptop, that has been with me since my high school graduation, has been glitching and breaking down

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    Recovering from the Thickness, Sorry, Sickness lol

    Hello everybody, as some of you might've noticed from my previous blog, I've been releasing a lot of stuff written in November from my NaNoWriMo feat and not a lot of stuff written this month. I got really busy with a new job, getting gifts for the holidays, and got really sick over the weekend. And honestly? Just plain old burnout from my ass getting kicked by NaNoWriMo. I'm really happy to say

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Commissions are CLOSED · 6:38pm Jul 18th, 2023

Commissions are officially closed to any new people/stories. My priority is to work on the current commissions I have plus any commission series I've already committed to writing. These are the only stories that can take open slots on the waitlist for the foreseeable future:
-Gilda F*cks Equestria
-Their Rightful Place Series
-Subby Armor and the Supervillain Seductress
-Driving Her Batty
-Cream Filled Cup Cake
-Breeding is Magic Series w/Summer Solstice
-Pear Butter X Burnt Oak Fic (Coming soon!)

The full details of this post are on the desktop version of my profile! I very much thank everyone that I got the pleasure of writing commissions for, and for the people with the stories above that I still get to write for! And whenever each one of these stories on the list is completed, it will obviously be removed from this list on my profile page.

Edit: Also to be clear, there is a possibility that I'll open up commissions again in the future. But it will most likely be a long time before that happens.

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