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Coltifornia Pones: Feedback/Thoughts? · 10:58pm Jul 17th, 2023

So, I've been reading through the rulebook for the new My Little Pony RPG (would anyone be interested in a review/writeup?), and one of the locations they mentioned is "Applewood"--pony-Hollywood, which, the book says, is where the Elements of Harmony are at their weakest. I've found myself brainstorming for what a story/adventure set there might look like, and how the ponies would contend with a part of Equestria where the Elements simply don't function.

I've found myself coming up with concepts for Applewood ponies, which, because of how the game works, would be divided up into a new Mane 6 with the same elements, etc. I've written out the basic concepts below; any thoughts, feedback, suggestions, etc.?

Horace Thespian
Unicorn Element of Loyalty, Male

Thespian, as he prefers to be called, is absolutely insufferable. He fancies himself a top-flight producer of plays, of the sort that have made Applewood so famous--however, he's actually incredibly judgy and pretentious, and his plays are the sort of "experimental" productions that leave most ponies more confused than anything. It doesn't help that he comes from a wealthy background, and his father is usually more than willing to send him a blank check to cover the expenses of his latest venture, regardless of its prospects for success.

All that said: when the chips are down, Thespian is one of the best friends you could ask for. Though he's hard on those he works with, he will be the first to defend them; he's even come to literal blows with critics before. It's very much a "No one picks on my actors but ME" sort of relationship.

Cafe Latte (Alt: "Oatmilk Latte." Any suggestions for an appropriate Latina name?)
Pegasus Element of Magic?, Female (note: the game rules explicitly allow for non-unicorn magic, including non-unicorn Elements of Magic)

Latte came to Applewood to study poetry at the local university. She grew up working with her parents (both of Mexicoltish descent) at their family coffeeshop. She loved her parents, but hated the place; nevertheless, she grew to be quite good at being a barista, and, when she discovered that her scholarship wouldn't cover all her expenses, applied to work at a local coffeeshop. She often has a bit of a sour disposition at work, and prefers working the espresso machine to actually interacting with customers. However, she's starting to discover that she actually likes the challenge of mixing coffee, and has even started to suggest new drinks and new ways of making them. Also, it seems that some of her pegasus magic is having an effect on her work: sometimes, the coffee she makes seems to have a magical effect of some sort, almost like a potion... but only as long as it's served piping hot. Good thing she's been collecting insulated tumblers since she was eight...

Sea Swell
Earth Pony Element of Honesty, Male

Sea Swell is one of those ponies who lives his whole life in the moment. He loves sports, especially surfing, and, in fact, usually makes his living by winning surfing competitions. When he needs a little extra scratch, he takes on simple jobs that let him use his strength--moving or construction--and only works long enough until he can win his next prize.

Sea Swell is big, and extremely strong, but is dumb as a box of hammers. He has no filter at all, and, as such, tends to be a little too honest, though he's never mean about it. Additionally, he's strangely insightful, and tends to be able to see through others' BS (which he expresses as gestures of concern, e.g., "But that doesn't make any sense... why would you say when you're too busy to help if you just spent an hour sitting on that park bench watching the birds? Is everything okay? Do you need to sit down in the shade for a minute?")

Kombucha Kale
Earth Pony Element of Kindness?, Female (Poorly developed)

Kay is actually a distant relative of Ponyville's Apples, though it's enough of a separation that no one really cares. She grew up on a kale farm a little ways away from Applewood, and still has some of her homey mannerisms. However, she, like Thespian, comes from wealth: when kale became the Next Big Thing a few years ago, her family's modest farm suddenly began turning a profit hoof-over-fist. She's a bit of a health food nut, and, though the all-natural all-organic high-fiber zero-sugar swill she tends to force on ponies tastes awful, it actually does tend to make them feel better. Whether it actually "realigns your chakras" or whatever is another question entirely.

Not sure about the others... perhaps a pegasus tech bro, who actually tends to make a fair amount of money from his investments, but tends to give it all away? Or a "Disney Adult" with season passes to Whinnyworld, who strives to ensure everyone has a good time? Or an absolutely gorgeous unicorn mare, who is convinced her path to Applewood Superstardom is to work at a diner until she's noticed by a big-name producer... despite the fact that every other mare on staff has the exact same dream?

Anyways. Still coming up with these ideas. But as a native Coltifornian myself, it's been a lot of fun :twilightblush:

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Comments ( 4 )

Cafe Latte could be Cafe Cubano, perhaps. Or Horchata or Cafe de Olla.

Working in theme parks/themed entertainment and a passholder myself, I’m thrilled by the idea of Whinnyworld. If you ever find yourself going down that character development path, or want to make theme park designer characters, I volunteer as a primary source 😂

And yes, you should definitely do a review!

Whinnyworld was actually in one of the comics. I don't remember which one, but AJ and Rarity (briefly) visited. It mostly seemed to be an opportunity for puns.

What is/was your job in theme parks? I'm a Disney Adult(TM) myself, so I was planning on relying on my own knowledge, etc.

The more I think about it, the more I think the Element of Laughter is going to be one of the park mascots--dedicated to bringing kids smiles, both in and out of costume.

Oh, these are neat!

Currently R&D Project Management! I also deal with a lot of contractors/vendors that help make the systems/props/scenery for all of the experiences you see in the parks. I dabbled in the event production/communications side, and do miss that part.

Park mascot is a great idea for sure! While I don’t have any friends who are friends of park characters, the intricacies of all that goes into mascot operations have always intrigued me.

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