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Furry Foray Festival - Deadline! · 7:52am Apr 3rd, 2023

Submissions to the contest are now closed, and judging will begin!

If you've already finished a story for the contest, but Fimfic was too slow to let you post it and made you miss the deadline, don't worry -- PM me and as long as you're not blatantly using it to cheat by getting extra time, I'll make sure it gets added to the contest, and you'll still be able to win any of the prizes -- except the Orgasm Denial prize: any late submissions will not be eligible for that prize.

And now that all the stories are in, we can take a little look... What have we learned?

A) Loona is by far the most popular of the furry waifus. 14 stories feature her, more than 3x as many as the least popular furry, Judy Hopps. (Lola has 8; Rain and Krystal are tied with 7 each.) So the competition for the Hellhound prize is going to be especially fierce. (But the Carrots prize will be relatively easy -- if you're one of the ones who wrote Judy, you can sit happy with your 1/4 chance at that prize!)

B) You guys are some really great power-procrastinators, you know that? Despite having a whole 3 months to write, more than half of the submissions came in at the very last week! Here I was, thinking, "Oh, well. The response to the contest has been a little bit disappointing, but at least the people who did participate will have a great chance of winning lots of prizes..." But then, here in the last week, the number of submissions doubles!

C) More people went for the Trifecta/Quintet bonuses than I expected! Unless some story somehow gets disqualified for some reason, it looks like we have 3 authors who are going to claim a Trifecta Bonus and 2 authors who will claim the Quintet Bonus!

D) Sadly, nobody was perverse enough to pair Angel Bunny with one (or both) of the bunny babes to have some bunny on bunny action. I'm disappointed.

And now, with those valuable lessons in mind, I'm going to wade down into the messy morass of trying to judge all this furry smut! (Wish me luck, and take out a hefty life insurance policy on me!) My deadline to finish judging is May 2nd, and after giving myself a day or two to tabulate the results and make them look pretty, the results will be announced on May 4th!

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May the 4th be with you then.

Yeah, lol. Results announced on Star Wars Day. But, eh, that's just how the timing worked out.

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