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Furry Foray Festival - Secret Lightning Bonus Round: Double Trouble! · 9:43pm Mar 23rd, 2023

Only 10 days remain before the Furry Foray Festival's deadline! That means it's time to announce the Secret Lightning Bonus Round!

Secret Lightning Bonus Round: Double Trouble$25
Pick any TWO furry babes from the list, and do an MLP crossover featuring both of them in a threesome (or larger group). You only have 10 days to write it! The best one wins this prize.

(Bonus Round entries will still be eligible for all other contest prizes. Must still follow all other contest rules, though you can now use two furry babes in the story, rather than only one.)

(It will also count as ONE story toward your Trifecta or Quintet Bonus, counted as featuring whichever of the two characters you need to complete your bonus.)

Good luck! And remember, only 10 days left! This is your last reminder -- now or never!

Comments ( 2 )

I'm not planning on entering, but would ponifying one or both so you could post it on this site without having to involve a third character be allowed?

As long as it's MLP-related enough to post on Fimfic, it counts!

Edit: Oh wait -- to qualify for this prize, though, it should feature a threesome or larger group, though. So you'll need an extra character from somewhere. That doesn't have to be an MLP character, though -- because you're allowed to use other characters from the furry's universe.

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