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I'm No Longer A Brony · 4:24am Dec 30th, 2022

Even since this year started, I haven't published a single MLP story, especially since my LGBT story got taken down. But if you ask me, I couldn't bring myself to reconsider. Not because FIM's finale is 3 years old but I couldn't get myself interested in the Gen 5 characters over the last year. After watching 3 episodes of Make Your Mark, it didn't win me over at all. I still didn't enjoy the Get 5 film even after watching people's opinions over it.

And this maybe a bit shocking but the more time passes, the more I'm starting to get tigger over Equestria Girls. I couldn't enjoy the songs due to plot issues and the characters actually got on my nerves way more than I thought. I don't hate Equestria Girls but since we never had a conclusion, there's no meaning for me to enjoy it. Yes, I've wrote tons of stories involving Equestria Girls but compare to other shows I've easily got back to, it's never going to be easy to get back to the thing that got me in the fandom of MLP and Bronies in the first place.

My point is, I barely found any positively over the course of this year unlike last year's. With so much terrible things going on, I doubt 2023 will be an improvement, it's just hard to get into newer or even older media. And since I never went to a My Little Pony convention, I don't think it's worth it anymore (Don't mention pedos, that's far from the case). And I especially couldn't get back into watching Friendship Is Magic knowing how poor Gen 5 delivered, with it taking placing in the same universe which really throw me off.

Will I ever write another MLP story? I doubt it. It would probably take a long time to get back into the fandom or try to look back on FIM and Equestria Girls. And considering Equestria Girls is turning 10 years old in June, I might talk about what I felt about it since my opinions have changed. Granted it's not going to be a blog but making videos is what I usually do when it comes to topics.

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I do hope you find happiness in the new year. You still got my support!

MLP gave you a community for a time.
That is something you can remember and treasure.
All the best mate.

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