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    Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well! Better than me, at the very least :twilightsheepish:

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    Temporary Delay

    Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well!

    There will not be a release this weekend, as I will be out of town for a very close friend's birthday. If I am able, I will make a post mid-week, and another post on my regular schedule.

    I sincerely apologize for making you all wait, but I hope to see you when the chapter drops! Until then!

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    Temporary Delay

    Hello Everyone! I hope this finds you well!

    I just wanted to make it known that due to some medical issues, I will not be able to post this week's chapter of "Zinnias." You can expect the next regular chapter release next Saturday.

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Haitus · 8:56pm Dec 8th, 2022

Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you well!

The year is almost at an end, but as usual the last few months are always the hardest. Without getting into too many details, I've had a lot happen to me in the last few days that has really driven a stake into me and I'm sorry to say that I really don't have the heart to write much because of it. I have some personal and family issues that need to be sorted out before I can take the time to continue Zinnias (and I will! I promise!) but for now I need to take some time to figure things out.

I hope everyone here has a wonderful holiday season and that your new years parties aren't *too* adventurous. :raritywink:

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Get clear with your Real Life first Serenity and then continue with Writing:twilightsmile:
As for the Christmas i might give you a DM on what i get for Christma:3 but i might know already that i get my Bluetooth Headset and a Galaxy S22+ AND something else that hasn't been spoilered to me yet, my parents attempted to gift me a Galaxy S22 Ultra but i hated the design of it plus it doesn't fit my standards, the headset was selected by me so it's a guaranteed gift lol. AS FOR NEW YEARS EVE HOWEVER... I will make Party in the Living Room with my Speakers + Subwoofer and record the fireworks outside, it's gonna be a wild ride, hopefully nothing explodes next to us this year unlike last year:rainbowlaugh: i even ran away screaming because i saw what went wrong and knew i was gonna get hurt if i wouldn't have made a run for it:rainbowwild::pinkiegasp:

Thank you for taking the time to let us your readers know what is happening. take the time you need, and we will be waiting.


I hope you'll be okies. I'll miss you ❤️

Good luck out there!

I hope thing get better

Tis the season for all sorts of changes! Here's to wishing you well, Serinity. My door is always open. Will continue to do that thing for ya despite the haitus, so check back occassionally to see whenever it is I do get around to it.







Thank you all for being so understanding! You are wonderful people! ❤️

don't worry, take your time to solve everything, the truth is that I know how it feels to not feel like writing, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :twilightsmile: :heart:

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