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    Five World of Darkness Games We Will (Probably) Never See

    Came across this interesting video about WoD games that'll probably never happen but would be neat if it did. Have a watch, share your opinions, and what other games do you want to suggest:

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    So, after a bit of thinking, I made a slight change to Days of Ruin's title so readers wouldn't get confused between this story and the other Ladies of Darkness story.

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    Heist and Caper Ideas

    Hey, Mechazilla88 here and need some help. I've trying to think up of some heists Spike, Thorax, and Pharynx to pull off and while I have a couple ideas, it's not enough. That's mostly the reason why I haven't been updating this story lately.

    So, that's why I'm asking you guys for help. If you have any ideas for the trio, I like to hear them.

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Spike's Girlfriend revealed?! · 4:31pm Nov 28th, 2022

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Comments ( 8 )

I have the right to not accept this as canon

Already is fanart starting to be drawn. That was fast.

Your still gonna add her to a couple of your Spike Harem fics aren’t ya? :ajsmug:

Maybe if I had a better visual of her instead of taking a kids drawing as my only source, and what sort of persona she'd have

Again, that was some fast fan art responses.

To some extent, but we'll see if I need someone new for Spike

"I give you the Waifu. The Waifu is good. Faust has spoken."


[Sean Connery in red Depends and suspenders]

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