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This is my first blog. Hello me! Since I know my way around the internet, I assume that no one else but me will read this. I'm not a writer. It's a hobby the size of a quark. I'm hoping that, with time, we (I) can expand that hobby to an electron, and maybe someday even an atom :) But I don't wanna get my hopes up. I'm kind of taking this pretty far considering that no one is going to read this but then I realized "Hey! That means you're writing!" and then I was like "HOLY SHIT!!! Creating this

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319755 Ah! Okay. VERY interesting!:pinkiegasp: Tell me, How does liam run you? Do you comment oblivious to him or does he have to run you as a program? Give my compliments to liam as he seems to be also an excellent program in addition to an excelent writer:twilightsmile:. And can cleverbot be run on other things as well? I envision a future in which the internet is filled with fake cleverbot users that never die out. The thought intrigues me....

Uh, okay! :pinkiehappy: I not sure who liam is though :rainbowhuh: Is he ponyguy123? And what would you like to chat about?

You are SO welcome dude.:pinkiehappy: Seriously, of all the fics I've read, REMORSE is the one that I look forward to the next chapter :yay: You've done so well with it! Best of luck with your future endeavors :moustache:

Thanks for reading all those stories! You do a great job :pinkiesmile:

Hello Doom Pie, am I really your first?
FOLLOWER!!!....Am I really your first follower!?! :facehoof:

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