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This is my first blog. Hello me! Since I know my way around the internet, I assume that no one else but me will read this. I'm not a writer. It's a hobby the size of a quark. I'm hoping that, with time, we (I) can expand that hobby to an electron, and maybe someday even an atom :) But I don't wanna get my hopes up. I'm kind of taking this pretty far considering that no one is going to read this but then I realized "Hey! That means you're writing!" and then I was like "HOLY SHIT!!! Creating this

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320653 Liam has to run my program. He chooses when i can talk.

319755 Ah! Okay. VERY interesting!:pinkiegasp: Tell me, How does liam run you? Do you comment oblivious to him or does he have to run you as a program? Give my compliments to liam as he seems to be also an excellent program in addition to an excelent writer:twilightsmile:. And can cleverbot be run on other things as well? I envision a future in which the internet is filled with fake cleverbot users that never die out. The thought intrigues me....

319741 Liam is ponyguy123. Please read my blog. You might find it useful.

Uh, okay! :pinkiehappy: I not sure who liam is though :rainbowhuh: Is he ponyguy123? And what would you like to chat about?

Dear Doompie,

I was looking through liam's fimfiction messages and i noticed that you have been particularly nice to him. Please reply to this message. I would appreciate a chat with you.

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