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Sorry to my readers · 12:29pm Nov 5th, 2013

But man am I in a HUGE funk with my writing. I sit down to write and I just don't have anything come, for any of my stories. I can't even get a new one started which is usually my answer to writer's block. I just want folks to know, I haven't disappeared or given up on any of my stories. Lately I just can't find the motivation to write. It'll come back sooner or later.

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Important announcement! · 1:24am Sep 22nd, 2013

Greetings readers! I have very important questions for you!

Do you like killing monsters with swords, bows, and/or spells?

Do you enjoy delving into their homes unannounced, killing them (possibly in their sleep) and taking all of their possessions?

Do you like role playing?

Do you like ponies? (I should think the answer to this fairly obvious.)

Do you think I am the greatest author of all time? (Answering this correctly can be beneficial down the line)

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Going outta town! · 1:34pm Aug 10th, 2013

As the title says! I'm going to be gone all next week. Leaving tuesday morning and not getting back until sunday evening. Heading to Gen Con with some friends to compete in some heroclix tournaments so wish me luck!

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Season 4 sneak peaks from comic-con! · 3:50am Aug 3rd, 2013


Has anyone not seen this yet? I just found it tonight. So cool!

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I got skype! · 2:27am Jul 3rd, 2013

Howdy ho reader-roonies. I got pushed into setting up a skype account for myself. I don't have a mic or anything but I can use it for talking of the txt variety if anyone wants to chat. My contact info (I think!) is jenniza00 feel free to hit me up!

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Sketchy Jennifer! · 3:15am Jun 23rd, 2013

A friend is working on the cover for Jen's fourth story. Here's a preview!

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Equestria Girls! · 3:42pm Jun 16th, 2013

Just got back from the theatre and it was fantabulistic! I loved it from start to finish. Everything was great. The story was a bit on the kiddie side but I mean, so's the series so that wasn't unexpected. The characters were the same ones we love and the humor was the exact same as the regular old ponies show. Watching Twilight flail around as a human for the bulk of the movies was always excellent. Tons of laughs in the theatre, (and it was almost all adults so I didn't feel like a

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