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Good to be back. · 1:29am Aug 20th, 2012

Hello friends,

Home sweet home. After three months of hell, it's a sweet feeling indeed.
But I'm back in business, and eager to get back to writing my story. Thanks again to everyone that wrote me emails or commented while I was gone. Reading them all took almost an entire day. 833 some odd notifications, wow. You guys stayed busy.
Thanks again.

And to prove my thanks, I wrote a quick little teaser from a future chapter.

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Such Sweet Sorrow. · 8:30am May 19th, 2012

Alright guys.
Today is my last day at home. I'm shipping out tomorrow for Parris Island.
I just want to thank all of you for the constant stream of support and encouragement I get from you guys.Both for the my story and personally.

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Small update. · 5:57am Feb 5th, 2012

Hey everybody.
As you may or may not have heard. I am extremely busy and that shows little to no sign of changing any time soon.
I posted a good chunk of the next chapter on my thread on Ponychan. It's apparently impossible to find so I will include a link to both the thread and the googledox.
I need you all to remember this is an UN-EDITED version. Expect typo's, mistakes, misspellings galore.
But you will at least get to see it before it's official release.

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What is a blog? · 2:24am Jan 18th, 2012

I dont know if anyone can read this....I have no idea what a "blog post" is...im just kinda fucking around with this FIMfic account. Hopefully some kind soul will see this and explain to me what this feature does.

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