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Some things · 9:54pm Feb 16th, 2015

Hey, everyone who bothers to read these and my stories. While I am enjoying the attention and feedback I'm getting on Collision Code's revamp, I am curious about what to do with the linked story, Harmony and Courage. While it was an experimental piece at the outset, it quickly evolved into something more...and then devolved into me taking shots at things that pissed me off. I have since pretty much lost interest in continuing it further.

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Anyone who's seen the S4 Ender spoiler... · 3:03am May 1st, 2014

Will know that Discord made a crack about being the next alicorn princess.

Let me vent now.

Fanfic: "Discord became an alicorn princess which somehow deposed Twilight. Bronies all over the world acted like this was the best change ever. Unsurprisingly, Discord used his new post to make ponies his slaves in a 'hilarious' way. A certain single brony raged and vented in the form of an idiotic fic that would wind up splitting the difference."

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To those that care... · 4:33am Apr 14th, 2014

Yeah, I know I haven't gotten to that Collision Code update yet...
Well, it's not so much I've got writer's block so much as me just not feeling like working on it. The RP it was based on totally stalled and we're not likely to get back on it anymore. It's likely that I'll just end it here as "Part 1" (after Act 2 ends) so I don't have to worry about it for a while. Or I'll just consider it discontinued until I get interest back into it.

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I Really Don't Understand · 5:53am Dec 30th, 2013

Okay, so first of all, from what I've heard, Season 4 is pretty good so far, and the fanbase at large has hardly surprised me at all with its inane attachment to memes and meta. I still have yet to watch it, because I'm afraid that all of the rampant...for lack of a better word, idiocy regarding Season 3's ending as well as the recent episodes has made me gun-shy about watching any of them. Not for fear I'd hate them; for fear I'd be pushed into something I really don't want to do just to

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I Don't Understand · 10:16pm Jun 29th, 2013

For a fandom that is so heavily trolled as the bronies are, I find it ironic that the fandom's favorite character is a troll. I of course, am speaking about Discord. I read some things that the fandom has produced, and I did not like it at all. It indoctrinated me into anger towards the character and I hadn't even watched those episodes yet. That is, because to me, in fiction, I much prefer happy endings, even if they are cliche and sometimes due to a deus ex machina.

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