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The barriers between our worlds have always kept them separate. But because of a message missed by all but one, this barrier was broken. Now two friends find themselves in the land of Equestria. It is a land that is similar, yet different from the one we all know.

Now stuck in a new world with no hope of returning home, they must adapt to their new bodies. Neither of the two friends know that their presence has set off a series of events that they have never experienced before in any sense of the word.
Update 1/10/2017: Updated the character tags.

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Discord has done some pretty nasty things in his life, but now he's seen somepony--or something, that takes the cake and cranks up his chaos beyond what even he thinks is acceptable. Even a reality-bending dragonequus has his limits...and what he's seen far exceeds said limit.

Written in thirty minutes at two o'clock in the morning as a means to vent. I'm not really sure if any of it turned out right.

After recent events, Discord reflects once more on the beings of chaos that he examined a year earlier...

This one was written because a friend asked me to do it.

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Azure Courage is a colt ready to move away from his home to find a relatively quieter life in Ponyville. However, tranqulity is the last thing he expects. For three years, possibly against his better judgment, he has followed the legend of "Mare in the Moon" to an "M" and has met with disappointment during each consecutive Summer Sun Celebration. The cyan colt is on his last leg when it comes to believing it.

Though his cousins have taught him what they know about free-galloping and martial arts, Azure is more adept at thinking on his feet. As he prepares to move out, the poor colt has no idea what awaits him when he completes his move...
*Adaptation of the canon with OCs involved, does eventually get more original than this*
Cover image drawn by friend. Will make it able to involve the other main characters later.

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