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Hai! Not dead! · 6:30am Apr 30th, 2013

Heeello, everypony /-body /-thing! Just wanted to let you all know that, no, I'm not dead, just...Distracted. School and life can do that to people, I suppose.
So, I recently took a trip to Florida, that being a 13-hour drive from my home in little ole' Belton, Texas. I was going for my uncle's wedding, which was really cool, but I had to miss school for it, which, with my grades, was NOT a good idea, but...My parents decided to do it anyway. Oh well. (I seem to say that a lot...)

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I'll have an Update, with a side of Exams and Ponies. · 7:13am Dec 18th, 2012

So, yeah. Here's what's been happening in my life, because I have no stories to blog updates about...and now I'm sad... But anyway, I recently had a band concert, and I guess I didn't suck too bad, because we got a bunch of applause...
I've been feeling lonely... Maybe more shipping will help. It doesn't usually, but...
I'm still just a punk kid, swamped down with copious amounts of homework...

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Totally "Not an Ad" · 8:30pm Nov 3rd, 2012

So, if you read the title, you could probably guess that this is, in fact, totally an ad. *Shrug*
So, yeah, if anypony out there has an iBrony account, and just happens to read this, just go ahead and comment with your name on there and I'll be sure to add you. :twilightsmile:

Here's mine!

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My Ships...My many, MANY ships. · 8:34pm Oct 17th, 2012

Twilight X...
Luna, Celestia, Mane 6 (Individually and group love <3), Trixie, Spike, Princess Cadence, Pen Stroke (...), Sweetie Bell.

Fluttershy X...
Mane 6, Angel Bunny, Big Macintosh, Iron Will (Mature ratings only), Spike, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Ditzy Doo, CMC, Photo Finish (Mature ratings only).

Rainbow X...
Mane 6, The Wonderbolts, Daring Do, Derpy Hooves, Scootaloo,Vinyl Scratch, Record Scrape, Nurse Redheart.

Rarity X...

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Double Rainbow!!! · 1:36am Oct 12th, 2012

I bet you'll never guess what I saw today.
Oh, screw it. (What did you see, Indecisive?)
WELL, today in Belton, there was...(pause for dramatic effect)...a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!

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Uh...Sorry? · 12:23pm Oct 6th, 2012

I recently learned that my favorite saying, "Meh." Isn't the beginning of a chuckle ("Meheheh..."). I'm sorry if you thought that I was shrugging...whatever I commented on, off. I see the error of my ways. Now, that being said, I'm still going to say"Meh." as a chuckle, because it's what I've gotten used to. Oh well.

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Grounded...again... · 8:18pm Sep 24th, 2012

Ugh...getting grounded is THE WORST POSSIBLE THING! Now I can only post in school! D=

Anyway, I seem unable to put my many thoughts on "paper"...I just need one full day to myself...>sigh<

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Me. You. Sofa. BOOKS!!! · 5:14am Sep 16th, 2012

I've always wondered if anyone ever actually reads my blogs/posts on any of these pubic sites... oh well. I don't need to talk TO people, talking AT people is okay...I guess... regardless. I watched 'Mirror Mirror' today, and I swear "The Beast" in that movie reminded SO MUCH of Discord! Right down to the antlers! It was crazy...

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B-Day · 3:53am Sep 14th, 2012

Yay! My birthday's today! I'm feeling creative right now...I think I'll try my hand at a short story. Wish me luck!

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