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  • 379 weeks
    Hai! Not dead!

    Heeello, everypony /-body /-thing! Just wanted to let you all know that, no, I'm not dead, just...Distracted. School and life can do that to people, I suppose.

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    I'll have an Update, with a side of Exams and Ponies.

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    Totally "Not an Ad"

    So, if you read the title, you could probably guess that this is, in fact, totally an ad. *Shrug*
    So, yeah, if anypony out there has an iBrony account, and just happens to read this, just go ahead and comment with your name on there and I'll be sure to add you. :twilightsmile:

    Here's mine!

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    My Ships...My many, MANY ships.

    Twilight X...
    Luna, Celestia, Mane 6 (Individually and group love <3), Trixie, Spike, Princess Cadence, Pen Stroke (...), Sweetie Bell.

    Fluttershy X...
    Mane 6, Angel Bunny, Big Macintosh, Iron Will (Mature ratings only), Spike, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Ditzy Doo, CMC, Photo Finish (Mature ratings only).

    Rainbow X...

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    Double Rainbow!!!

    I bet you'll never guess what I saw today.
    Oh, screw it. (What did you see, Indecisive?)
    WELL, today in Belton, there was...(pause for dramatic effect)...a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!

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Hai! Not dead! · 6:30am Apr 30th, 2013

Heeello, everypony /-body /-thing! Just wanted to let you all know that, no, I'm not dead, just...Distracted. School and life can do that to people, I suppose.
So, I recently took a trip to Florida, that being a 13-hour drive from my home in little ole' Belton, Texas. I was going for my uncle's wedding, which was really cool, but I had to miss school for it, which, with my grades, was NOT a good idea, but...My parents decided to do it anyway. Oh well. (I seem to say that a lot...)
So, how are things here on FIMFiction? Anything cool going on in the life of my few followers?

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Comments ( 11 )

Well, we planted a few trees- cleaned up the park, and painted the town hall. Other than that, not really :pinkiesmile:

It's sad, really...You're not even one of my followers, yet you find the time to read this. Thank you.
Anyway, you painted the town hall? How long did that take?

I think I am following you, but don't expect your followers to read everything you put out.
If it were like that, I would be much happier and more involved with writing- but it's not that way at all

Yeah...Meh. I don't actually care if anyone reads my blogs; they're mostly for myself anyway. To keep track of things, you see.

Alrighty, sounds good homes. :pinkiesmile:

Do you mean Homes, from Sherlock Homes? Or...do you mean, like, homes that we live in? :rainbowhuh:

Aaaah...That makes MUCH more sense...:derpytongue2:

Well, I'm not actually following, but you caught my attention again after so long a time, so I suppose I'll just leave this pile of adorbz here...








Oh, my heart…Well, thanks for the diabetas, and the random comment, I guess! XD

Probably woulda been more effective had you caught if before I deleted half of them. :twilightblush:

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