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Hello, Hello? · 11:12pm Oct 2nd, 2015


I plan to rewrite the first chapter before continuing. Most of it is quite contrived, and the scene where they get thrown out of the universe was incredibly rushed.

Don't worry, I will still have the wacky, slightly insane humor, but at the behest of my editor/prereader LateBronyWriter I am rewriting the first chapter into near-coherency.

Now go take your meds.

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Dont know if anyone reads this, but help is needed. · 9:40pm Aug 13th, 2015

In good old brittania, some crazy Tolkien fans, are trying to crowdfund a project to BUILD Minas Tirith.

This is an amazing project, and if anyone wants to help, you can try to get the word out. Post on sites, talk to your crazy oil baron friends, anything.

Because one day, you might be able to live in Minas Tirith.
That would be awesome.
This needs to happen.
Heres the crowdfunding page.

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I'm trying my hand at the production side. · 4:33pm Feb 5th, 2015

You heard me. I'm trying to write a FanFic. It's unnamed as of yet, but i have whatmustido helping me with it.
I'm a link!

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Hello, are you there Fandom? It's me, Nicksterra. · 7:38pm Jan 14th, 2015

Hey everyone. I'm back from a long hiatus.
Why i'm announcing this, i have no idea, as i am almost a complete unknown on FimFiction.

I think it could be an interesting idea, among those of us who play Dwarf Fortress to pass around a community fortress, and then post a long running story, season by season, chronicling it.
We could use the My Little Fortress mod so as to make it suitable for FimFiction.

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why are you people watching me? · 11:18pm Jan 10th, 2013

I've never written a story in my life. I don't know most of the games referenced and I haven't seem the last 5 or so episodes. So it begs the question... why?

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