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Art commissions · 7:37pm Apr 16th, 2016

Hello to those who see this blogpost. In light of ending of art classes that i have been attending for latest months im offering my services as artist. If you want artwork done - PM me. All needed information posted on my user page.

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Art in progress IV · 11:31am Jan 25th, 2015

Hello! There is some of my works for latest months.

This pictures are made on impulse. Me and my good friend on this site speculated about courting habits of alicorns and alike. So i decided to show my thoughts about it.

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Art in progress III · 7:34pm Jun 21st, 2014

Hello people, how is your life? My - not so good: work guzzles my free time, nerves, kindness and soul. I have lost not so much, though. For time which has passed from the last publication, I drew many sketches, but also something independent, which I will share with you (52 followers is a number...huh).
1. I present you this person. Nice guy, very attentive to fans and their emotions. He deserve a cookie. Now about this "cookie".

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Art in progress II · 4:25pm Jan 12th, 2014

I decided to serf on the Internet in search of qualified artworks on MLP subject. Having found the necessary material I decided to exercise in drawing.
I currently trying to master hybrid style of drawing. Within exercise I drew the main heroes of this story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/133700/an-affliction-of-the-heart-volume-four. Author liked the first sketches so I decided to finish these characters.

1. First sketches.

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OC · 1:09pm Jan 8th, 2014

After a year and several months of communication with the fandom, I, at last, made a thing obvious to every brony - made an OC. Fandom generated many original characters, but I decided to make something new that wasn't earlier.

Behold, Tulip. Its not my alter ego, I just decided to pick up to the character a suitable name which is possible to associate with me.

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Newest Season 4 episode · 6:26pm Dec 28th, 2013

Hi, everybody. Recently I looked at a new episode, and recalled that this summer I already done work on this subject. I ask to evaluate.

She is Kirin here, but as a whole, her appearance can match one in episode.

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Art in progress (complete) · 4:44pm Dec 12th, 2013

This is first blog, where i placed progress of my works, which are devoted to storys of the authors which i admire. As a whole, I wrote this blog for them so they could see progress of promised works. But I am also glad to normal comments.

Current works:

1. "TD cane" (in progress) for BronyWriter

Starting colorization.

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