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It's alive. It's alive! He's ali- Aw, now it's dead. No, it's alive again! Whew, that was close.


Happy Easter. Now onto business. · 11:28am Apr 28th, 2019

Does anyone actually know what the soul of the original was? Cause I certainly can't remember.
What? You want something else? That was all I had to ask.

...Okay, I guess I have SOMETHING to say; regarding Souls's Rebirth's progress.

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Progress status · 7:33pm Jan 31st, 2019

I finished over 4k for the next chapter, then decided it was shit and crossed out the first half. The second half needs tweaking as well.

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Update (not that kind) · 8:13pm Jan 11th, 2019

So, I'm busy with exams atm. My brain is a very loud and confusing heap and some new exciting ideas floated to the surface which I felt I'd announce. Maybe I'd even get useful feedback for once.
I got an epiphany on which direction I want to take the story you guys like me to work on. I also had one thing to ask you guys.

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Clarification · 1:54pm Dec 2nd, 2018

This blog isn't meant to be some kind of insightful message from a wise sage, it's just a message that hopefully clarifies a few things.

That's something I feel I need to say in anticipation of certain people on the internet.

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Bone puns · 3:06am Sep 1st, 2018

So, I'm mostly done with the next chapter. Here's the link to the Doc file in case anyone wants to look it over and give input. Maybe I'll add it to the FimFiction Discord server as well for traction or so-and-so.

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Featured. Again. It has been featured a second time. · 3:49pm Apr 23rd, 2018

For a total of, oh, 5 hours. Oh well.

Thanks for the feature. I appreciate it.
Of course, you don't know whether or not I'm just saying this because I felt I was supposed to say something. You will never know.

Now, you may think I have nothing else to say. That would be a very reasonable assumption to make. I could talk about... uhm... uhhhhh...

<Runs away>

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Is cold iron poisonous for unicorns? · 3:53pm Nov 25th, 2017

I was researching on an old trope regarding how the Fair Fold are supposedly weak to iron, specifically 'cold' iron, popularized through DnD games as a handy gimmick inspired from an old poem that only used the attribute for the sake of flow, not due to any actual intention of any kind of specificity. The general consensus was that whether it's because of the metal's nuclear stability, or ferro-magnetism, or due to its

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Update on life and stuff. Not on the story, though. God no. · 10:42am Jul 17th, 2017


Status and announcements · 9:01am Aug 15th, 2016

Good news. I got a lot of free time recently, so I managed to work on the next chapter of Soul’s Rebirth, which I know you guys look forward to reading. I’ve finished most of the meat and bones, all that’s left are the ending part, and a few finishing touches.

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Haven't stopped working on it · 6:29pm May 15th, 2016

Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Those 3 extra chapters merely contain a small part of all the bullshit that didn't make it into the next chapter's final cut. They might appear in later chapters, maybe. Probably not, tho. Same goes for those titles.
Open it in a new tab to enlarge it.
Anyway. I ain't done making the next chapter yet. Here's to hoping it'll be done for the 1yr anniversary.

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