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Still Alive! · 2:04am November 25th

Heyo! Been a while since I talked to any of you after going hiatus. I still have plans of finishing this work. It’s just that life has been complicated.

Between work and school, and wanting personal time to myself, it’s been wild. As soon as I finish school and find a decent paying job, then move out, I’ll start working on the story again.

If I find the time, I’ll try and pop a chapter out. I know you guys have been waiting to see what was going to happen next.

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Going on hiatus! · 5:23pm June 15th

Hey everyone, it's been a while. Sorry for not updating the story as of late, but I've been busy as of late.

As some of you know, I'm in college, and lately, I haven't done so well. So until further notice, I'm putting the story on hiatus to focus on my classes. It's disappointing, but it is what it is. I'll try to come back once and a while to update the story. I'm thankful for everyone who has read my fic, and I hope to come back soon to finish. Until then, see you soon!

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New Chapter! · 4:20pm April 6th

I'll be posting a new chapter later today!

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New description for Raven Revenant · 6:28am April 3rd

I made a new description for Raven Revenant!

It was a long time coming because when I first made the story, I wasn't sure if I was doing a first-person or third-person. Also, I disliked how vague I made the description because, believe it or not, I made the prologue and description at 3 in the morning.

Hope you guys like it, and I hope readers like it as well. If you're wondering, I'm working on the next chapter, and it's going to be awesome. Again thanks for reading.

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Elsword references · 10:20pm January 19th

I’ve been wondering, do some of you guys understand the references and jokes I make about Elsword’s in game systems. Like awakening and weapon enchantments being a money pit. Luna getting a new weapon and moon skills.

Hell even the joke about Raven wondering where Ain is because in game the he literally pops into the story in the beginning, it’s pretty funny.

Leave a comment down below if you want.

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Patreon · 6:14pm January 12th

Hey guys, I just made a Patreon since I've been doing this for nearly a year, and extra money doesn't hurt, either. Maybe if it becomes big enough, I could become a writer full-time.

Also, if you're wondering, the next chapter should be out in the next two days or so. Until then, thanks for reading. Also donate if you want.


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Sorry for the delay! · 9:54pm Jun 29th, 2022

Hey guys sorry about not updating this week, work and school have been keeping me busy. Expect an update next week! Sorry again and thank you for reading!

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Redid Raven Revenant Prologue · 8:16am May 9th, 2022

Like the title says, I redid it, have a look at it. Hopefully, you guys like it.

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Dungeon fighter online oneshot! · 2:43am Apr 24th, 2022

Hey guys! Recently made a oneshot crossover with DFO, check it out. It was more spur of the moment kind of thing, probably won’t work on it for a good while since I’m busy with Raven Revenant.

But depending how well much people like it or not, I might work on it further into the future.

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Next chapter of Raven Revenant is being postponed until next week. · 1:47pm Apr 21st, 2022

Sorry, everyone, I had to catch up with school work, and it kind of left me tired and not in the mood to finish the Chapter. But I have something special for you guys coming up, should be out by the end of the week! Thanks again for reading my story!:heart:

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