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I'm bitter, emo, and sometimes cold hearted. I'll get revenge and nobody can stop me. I prefer to be alone. I'm dark and I hate talking about anything especially my feelings.


Favorite Characters I Like/dislike in Shows and Movies · 11:24pm Apr 11th, 2021

"Chicago PD" Like
10: Kevin Atwater
9: Jay Halstead
8: Trudy Platt
7: Kim Burgess
6: Alvin Olinsky
5: Adam Ruzek
4: Antonio Dawson
3: Justin Voight
2: Erin Lindsay
1: Hank Voight
''Chicago PD'' Dislike
10: Vanessa Rojas
9: Sean Roman
8: Ray Price
7: Brian Kelton
6; Sheldon Jin
5: Hailey Upton
4: Sgt. Edwin Stillwell
3: Ron Perry
2: Lt. Denny Woods
1: Fischer.
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Like
1: Raphael
"TMNT" Dislike
1: Leonardo
"Cars" Like

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Favorite Songs. · 7:40pm Mar 21st, 2021

*Skillet- Hero, Awake and Alive, Salvation, Circus for a Psycho, Monster, Not Gonna Die, Resistance, Sick of It, Whispers In The Dark, Comatose, Falling Inside The Black, Fire and Fury, Out Of Hell, Yours to Hold, Say Goodbye, One Day Too Late.
*Three Days Grace- World so Cold, Never Too Late, Animal I have Become, Pain, Time of Dying, Break.
*Evanescence- Bring Me To Life, My Immortal, Going Under, Haunted.
*Breaking Benjamin- I will Not Bow, Dear Agony.
*Drowning Pool- Bodies.

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Favorite Band Songs · 7:00pm Mar 21st, 2021

*Evanescence- My Immortal
*Three Days Grace- Pain
*Nickelback- Lullaby, I’d Come For You.
*One Direction- Story Of My Life
*Skillet- Whispers In The Dark
*Breaking Benjamin- Dear Agony, Far Away.
*Five Finger Death Punch- I refuse
*Linkin Park- Numb
*Fall Out Boy- Light ‘em Up
*Starset- My Demons
*Imagine Dragons- Radioactive.
*Louis Tomlinson- Two Of Us.
*Emily Blunt- Open Up Your Eyes.
*Green Day- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.
*Kelly Clarkson- Piece By Piece, Stronger.

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My Personalities · 4:02am Mar 19th, 2021

Okay here’s my past, and present personalities:
*Past Personality: Blunt, aggressive, mean, sarcastic, depressed, emotionless, dangerous, bored, annoyed, bitter, alone, hurt/pained, emo, dull.
* Younger Personality: Happy, energetic, sparky, playful, cheerful, great singer and dancer, friendly, helpful, befriended easily, loveable.

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Basic Info · 4:13pm Mar 11th, 2021

Here’s some info about me.
*Birthday: October 10
*Year I was born: 2007
*Favorite genre of music: rock
*Relationship Status: single
*Gender: female
*First and Last Name: Autumn Messerly
* Middle Name: Rae
*Hair color: Brown/dirty blonde
*Eye color: hazel
*Past Personality: quiet, stubborn, nice-at times-, aggressive-at times-, emo, funny-at times-, alone, depressed, crazy, and a few other things

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Greetings · 12:28am Mar 10th, 2021

Hello everypony! I hope to make some new friends on this app. I have been alone all of my life. I have anger and seperation issues. Also anxiety issues. Don’t get on my bad side and we’ll get along just fine. I can get annoyed very quickly and easily. That then turns into anger and bitterness. I’m new to friendship and having friends. All of my other ‘friends’ abandoned me when times got tough. My favorite Sonic shows are “Sonic X” and “Sonic Boom”. I love horses, the color black, My Little

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