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Status Update on "All Things in Moderation" · 10:35am Mar 21st, 2015

It is an unfortunate truth that this story, while I am indeed still working on it, has for the longest time been in the grips of a deadly hiatus, and unfortunately this isn't going to change any time soon. When I started writing this story (and I must confess at least twelve others currently sitting dusty on my hardrive) it was with the impression that my work, despite being close to full time, would leave me with ample energy at the end of my shifts to continue working diligently on it, even

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Hats off to the Man who went to the MOOOOOOON! · 7:25pm Aug 25th, 2012

Just got notified on IRC Gents.
Just checked the news websites to confirm.

Niel Armstrong is dead at 82.

Hats off everbody, to the first man on the moon. We'll miss you Mr. Armstrong. Somewhere Luna weeps for you.

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