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just another brony with random story ideas.


An Explanation · 10:13am Jul 26th, 2012

Ok so to start things off

Elements of the heart is the first story in the series i've written.
New Beginnings is the Sequel to Elements of the heart.
Reign of Discord (which shall be posted after a major edit and some stuff added) is the Prequel to Elements of the heart and is a portion of New beginnings told from Celestia and Luna's point of view.

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In need of cover-art · 7:43am Jul 15th, 2012

Ok so i'm sure the 3 people who are reading this have already read "How they met - Appledash" and a few of you were asking "wheres the story this is based off of?" well I have the completed story on deviantart, but I want to put it on here for all of you. The only thing stopping me is I have no coverart for it. I commissioned someone on deviantart for it ages ago but they never did it and never returned my points so I'm kinda screwed for that. If anyone can draw or knows someone who can, would

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