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Lets get this back on the road shall we?


The Silent Night Project · 9:40pm June 1st

Alright, so I think it's time to let you guys know about a new story that I've been writing in tandem with a friend.

As of this moment, it's being called Fallout Equestria: Nights Tidings and it's very early in development in terms of world creation. My current writings place it far into the future of the fallout equestrian world and in places that most writers don't seem to place their characters.

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Reason for no new chapters. · 5:13pm May 23rd, 2018

Long story short, I've been dealing with some health problems that have kept me really boggled down in the dumps over the past few months that I'll finally be getting around to going to the hospital for today.

Regardless of that though, I do plan to write more in the later times after I get my health back up where I'd like it to be. Assuming that the problem I currently have isn't worse then it should be, I plan to get back into writing as soon as able.

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Heir of Winter · 7:53pm Jul 25th, 2017

I'm surprised how many people ran into it right after I posted it. I'll have to remind myself more often to write chapters for it rather then being lazy :rainbowlaugh:

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Getting started on something new · 1:11am Jan 24th, 2017

Came up with a story idea after a rather interesting dream I had last night. Going to post it on here after I get a few chapters finished. Hopefully it goes better then the last one I made.

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