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The Silent Night Project · 9:40pm June 1st

Alright, so I think it's time to let you guys know about a new story that I've been writing in tandem with a friend.

As of this moment, it's being called Fallout Equestria: Nights Tidings and it's very early in development in terms of world creation. My current writings place it far into the future of the fallout equestrian world and in places that most writers don't seem to place their characters.

This is a world were the light bearer LittlePip doesn't exist, as to keep it in its own canon and not follow too far on the same path of world creation as the original story. Basically to give the story a fresh twist of its own.

Now, to give some summery to you all whom may have just gotten a happy ping in their heart for some adventure.

This story follows my character and main OC Silent Night, a Bat pony from one of my old DnD campaigns I couldn't simply let go of after making her, as well as a friends character whom I will leave a guess for the moment. Now, as I don't want to spoil too much before I actually release the thing once it's got a good few chapters ready, I'll be cutting off here for now.

But, just to give you guys at least 'something' more to go off of -> this being the story header planned for when it comes out to the public;

Island life is a pain when the world around you mutated to survive; even more so when your fellow pony followed suit. The world is torn in two and you are the life in between the two great powers that blew each other to oblivion. Your choices are your own and your company will follow with you wherever it is you go. So where will you go Silent Night? What path will you pave when you yourself are not suited for the outside world? Will you fall with the mutated spawn of the island itself or rise to find why diplomacy failed? After all, you know the stories from your stable. You know the cease-fire was called just moments before the great megaspells fell and silenced the war for centuries to come. And, you also know. They never heard it.

My stable took a vow of silence after they saw the world ignoring the call to lay down its arms. No pony speaks here anymore aside for those with privilege. And measures were took to ensure the vow was followed to its upmost degree. I was one of the first few to break this vow of silent. I cheated their system and fought against it along with my crew. But sadly all those that break this rule are hunted down and silenced once more.

Now me and two of my most trusted members of the crew somehow found our way outside with little to no explanation as to how it happened. Survival is our only choice.

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