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Lets get this back on the road shall we?


The Silent Night Project · 9:40pm Jun 1st, 2021

Alright, so I think it's time to let you guys know about a new story that I've been writing in tandem with a friend.

As of this moment, it's being called Fallout Equestria: Nights Tidings and it's very early in development in terms of world creation. My current writings place it far into the future of the fallout equestrian world and in places that most writers don't seem to place their characters.

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Got a new project in the works. Don't know how far I'll get into it. But if it goes well it may end up being its own book in the future [very hopefull]

Thank you for faving My Life as a Teenage Changeling, have a Ponk! :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the fave! May I ask what you liked about it?
(Also, your avatar is adorable!)

Just going to add that. Yes, I am still here and I have started up some work in finishing the chapter I had been working on for the Heir of Winter. No telling on when it's going to be finished though.

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