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In need of assistance · 11:37pm Jun 19th, 2013

Would anyone like to be a co-writer? I'm having some trouble writing some parts and I think the best solution is to have a second pair of eyes and different view point to take a look at it to come up with the next part of the fic instead of smashing my head trying to think of the next line. Send me a PM if your interested.

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To my surprise. · 3:06pm Jul 9th, 2012

When I log in today to fimfiction I wasn't expecting such a plesent surprise. Lonely Luna over all views 1,002

YAY i said ready to jump out from my desk. I never thought that a fic that started from me not being able to sleep would be become so popular. Thank you to those how read the chapters and gave me feed back. And a big thank you to Aceon for editing my mistakes hopfully it will continue to grow in views.

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Brain is not working · 2:08pm Jun 25th, 2012

Hey everypony im in need of help. Im writing a new fic but im stuck. So im asking for your ideas on this fic below is what i have got down so far. Heres the descript of it

When the lunar republic and solar empire finally clashed all thought it would be like every other war. But secret treaties and pacts propel it and all of Equestria into a world war. From the trenches Hoofdale and the skies above the Everfree, these are the pages of those who served and gave their lives for there countries

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