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Brain is not working · 2:08pm Jun 25th, 2012

Hey everypony im in need of help. Im writing a new fic but im stuck. So im asking for your ideas on this fic below is what i have got down so far. Heres the descript of it

When the lunar republic and solar empire finally clashed all thought it would be like every other war. But secret treaties and pacts propel it and all of Equestria into a world war. From the trenches Hoofdale and the skies above the Everfree, these are the pages of those who served and gave their lives for there countries

It was raining out but that wouldn't stop the two ponys from their goal. They were members of the secert
inforcement group 'The Solar Soliders.' They considered themselve to be the divine messagers of the Solar
Empire. Their mission was to assassinate the rulers of the Diamond Dogs, Arch duke Granite Fang, and
duchess Softpaw. They had come to survey there newly annexed territory form the reccent Emerald Treaty.

"So when are the targets arriving at the kill zone?" The sea blue unicorn asked as she readied their equipment.

"In twenty minutes" The amber earth pony replied as he studied the map.

She stared over his shoulder as he made last minute adjustments to there escape route.

"Are you sure this is going to work?"

"Yes why else would they choose us to free the ponys that are now under the rule of the tyrannt Diamond dogs"

"Becase where expendable." She thought in her head.

"We have ten minutes, lets move" He said as he shoved the map into his bag."By the name of Celestia my your
mission show how mistaken the Luna Republic is and its allies" He said as he part away from her.

"Oh Star Sonata how did you get involved in this mess?"

Send me some ideas please cause i've hit a wall

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Comments ( 6 )

Maybe NMM turns her spec ops unit into vampires? Griffons torturing ponies? Ponies in jets? Werewolves(Ponywolves?)? One member gets separated from the group, falls in a trap, and the rest of the team discover him as hes's bleeding out, but they all know he/she can't be saved? You like?

That would work but i would have to tone it cause its set in ww1 time frame. I really like it:heart:

you should finish the other two first. I'm REALLY looking forward to reading "Strings of a Tortured Heart" and "Lonely Luna":ajsmug:

I am its just i don't want this fic idea to go to waste thats all:fluttercry:

But seriously, what would a werewolf pony be called? :rainbowhuh:

A werepony would be my guess

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