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While walking home from work, through a thick blanket of snow you find a little filly name Luna laying in the snow. Would you take her home or leave her alone to freeze in the snow?

Note: The format is messed up on Monospace and Courier New

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In the age of steam the main way of life is supported by the airship but when the solar empire claims ownership of the sky it cause's a spark that will ignite a war. Twilight finds herself in the middle of it when she wakens in a make shift hospital with new "parts" and knowing nothing of her past. Will she find her past and will she what to return to it when she does?

Note: best read in Times New Roman or Calibri font.

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Treblen was born with the gift to play beautiful music. Able to move ponys to tears and to sooth any creature. But to Treblen its a curse that haunts him every waking moment. He sot out help from a friend but his pain won't end as long as he still breaths. He's sitting in the corner of the ponyville pub thinking when he meets a mare that could change his life forever.

Im going to dedicate this to my two followers cause I want to thank them for watching.
Thanks Aceon and Nocturn333.

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After the changling attack Luna feels more alone then ever after hearing how the changling queen was defeated. She starts to wish for the days before her banishment when she was still young and when her heart didn't feel so cold. Most of all she miss how her life use to be and the love she lost with it. One night she lays alone in her locked bed room thinking of her first true love when she interupted.

This is my first try at writing a romance fiction about luna because there isn't enough luna. Its mostly a idea I through together when I couldn't sleep. I'll probably continue with it and finish it but I don't know when though.

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After having to flee ponyville trixie finds herself alone in the everfree forest...or so she thinks. After being ambushed trixie thinks this is the end of her, But just as she slips out of conscious she hears the beast yelping out in pain and is able to see a blur of motion before her as her vision fades. When she awakens what she decides on doing next could change her world for better or for worse.

This is slightly dark but im not sure if the rest will be it depends on the feed-back I get.
(This is a fic based off season one Trixie.)

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