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Is it really that bad? · 10:52pm Aug 30th, 2017

Just woke up and checked my story and it has 50% dislikes. Is it really that bad? I have no idea what I did wrong. It's just romantic fluff and doesn't even use real characters that I could misrepresent. I dunno; it's just really discouraging and it makes me not want to continue. I really want to, but if people don't even like it then what's the point?

I get that I'm not a great writer, but damn. I didn't think I was THAT bad.

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What if rainbow had lost her wings durning a fight against a evil that had threatened equestria :rainbowderp:

Or maybe fluttershy wasn't able to be cured from being discorded :flutterrage:

Or maybe what if applejack had a dark secret about her parents:ajsleepy:

Or the cmcs mysteriously go missing after going on a camping trip with rainbowdash and rarity :pinkiegasp:

I should mention I run a support group for people who are being targated by cyber bullies. If you run into any we can help solve any problems you might have.

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