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Many years after Luna's banishment, a secret network of ponies still remain loyal to the Lost Princess. They worship her as a goddess, a returning hero who will stamp out injustice, and reward the faithful who love the night.

Loyal cultists Night Light and Velvet, receive word of a prophecy that their second child will be instrumental in the return of Nightmare Moon, so they leave Canterlot behind, and bring their foals to a secret colony, deep within the Everfree with only one goal in mind: Keep Celestia from finding Twilight Sparkle, no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile, time is running out to find a bearer for the element of magic. Sunset Shimmer has disappeared, Sunburst isn't ready for the job, and Celestia can't bring herself to put her faith in shy, clever Moondancer, even though she might be Equestria's last hope.

A Friendship Is Magic AU in which Luna has a small band of followers, and that changes everything. Please don't discount this story just because of the pairings, but I've listed them below all the same.

- Twilight/Twinkleshine
- Shining Armor/Rarity
- Applejack/Fluttershy/Big Macintosh (It's not really incest, they just end up sharing Fluttershy)
- Berry Punch/Colgate
- Noteworthy/Ditzy Doo

Chapters (11)
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