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Hi, I'm known as Pudding and I like MLP! I'm new to writing fanfics, and I also draw a lot of MLP. I'm always open to constructive criticism and thank you to everyone who reads my works!

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When Starlight Glimmer cast her spell and shattered the bonds connecting the Elements of Harmony, she inadvertently created a cosmic crack that would have further reaching consequences than she could ever imagine. The consequences of her actions rippled across time and space, shattering the very destiny of existence itself. The only thin string holding the universe together now is Twilight Sparkle, the representative of the Element of Magic and the Princess of Friendship. But with destiny already defied, how can she hope to pick up the pieces of a broken reality?
Well, starting with helping her other self might help.

Cover art created by myself. Shoutouts to Vebuzurr for being my proof-reader.

Chapters (5)
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