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I'm not dead · 5:50pm Sep 12th, 2018

so two things need to be said right now
one: I'm okay with criticism, but DO NOT and I can't stress this enough do not spread salty comments or unhelpful criticism
what does that look like well something like this "oh this story sucks" or "this is the shitiest story ever" if you must and thanks to those who do say something like "you know I didn't find this story to be good but here's how you could improve" or "hey I noticed some grammar errors here"

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Good and bad news(edited) · 2:46am Apr 26th, 2018

Hello everyone and Everypony today has been interesting I write a new story and instantly get good ratings until later that night when a certain cockroach decided to return to my account and attempt to ruin another story, sadly it has left a scar lots of comment deletions so just a note that it isn’t something to worry about just continue enjoying the story okay so now I’m questioning the fact that my views haven’t increased since I checked last but dislikes have so what is Happening here? am I

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Starting a new series · 2:53am Mar 29th, 2018

Hey how’s everyone doin in post apocalyptia these days, that’s right boys and girls we are on the air with news of a new series called drum roll please fallout meets equestria the tales in which different characters from fallout will appear in equestria starting with my enclave story and ending with probably a lone wanderer story anyways back to the music.


New brony military cadence · 3:04pm Oct 7th, 2017

I don't know what I've been told

Rainbow dash is best pone

You ain't crap on me

She is on my PC screen


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It was a failure · 3:21am Oct 7th, 2017

So I put the new story up today and people hated it, I'm sorry about my bad stories I truly try my hardest and I might end up just remaking the story all together by we will see what happens.

I will be removing the story so sorry to anyone who wanted more chapters you have to wait.

Edit:I have a third story which hopefully people will love but you have to wait for it as well, also I made the new version of the For Honor story so I'll work on it tomorrow.

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NEW STORY · 3:53pm Oct 6th, 2017

the new story is ready also sorry about being so slow with the new chapters been playing alot of wildlands and for honor, (hints to next stories possibly?) anyways the story should be up soon so be ready.

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