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Alpha Juliet

Be back in _____ minutes... I don't actually know how long I'll be gone :/ .

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2346341 Hey dw about it. The reason I put it in my 'not proud library' was because I wasn't supposed to read stuff like that (or told myself not to read that kind of thing), but curiosity gets me so I read it anyway :/ .

I just made this account so now I'm going back to stories I've read a long time ago and... mark it somehow?

So we're cool, a'ight?

Hey there, Alpha! First off, welcome to FIM Fiction! Second, thanks for checking out a few of my stories. Even if you may not be proud of "Las Pegasus," I appreciate you taking a look, and if you're looking for something with more substance, I recommend looking into "Sensation," which is the main story that "Las Pegasus" spun off of.

If you've got any feedback on "Las Pegasus" or "Call Sign," I'd love to hear it. Thanks again!

2345441 Well thank you for the kind greeting. You see, I've been reading stories on FiMfiction for months now (probably a year + months maybe? 2 years? idk) and stories that I find interesting, I just bookmarked it on my browser. Just recently, I decided to make my account after reading 'An unexpected friendship' considering the writer asks if anyone can help with his/her grammar and stuff, and I pretty liked the story.

Hello, and a belated welcome to FIMfiction! In exchange for the fave on "Roaring and Screaming", if you need any advice, feel free to PM me, or just respond to me here (with the arrow in the upper right corner of this comment, in case you don't know).

Thanks again, and good luck! :pinkiehappy:

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