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I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, a few other anime, and videogames. That being said, hope you enjoy my stories!


I ALMOST MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE · 10:40pm Dec 11th, 2018

So. . . in the author's note of my latest chapter, I mentioned I would be working on my adaptation of the next EqG special. Yeah, turns out the special didn't happen until after season 4 ended. So I'm just gonna delete my author's note from the latest chapter and just work on the next episode that I've got planned. Words cannot express my regret.

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Kamen Rider Bahamut Characters · 6:51pm Nov 8th, 2018

Hey everyone. I've decided on sticking with Dragon Knight's combat system. But this brings up a question I've had since this concept entered my mind. You can vote on it on the poll link below. The poll closes in two weeks from now at midnight. Your help is always appreciated!


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Future EoH Evolution Seasons · 4:50am Oct 17th, 2018

Hi everyone! I've been working on season 4 so far, but I'm pretty sure some of you are eager to know a little bit about future seasons. So, feel free to ask me anything you want to know from season 5 onwards, and I'll try to answer as best I can without delving into total spoilage territory. That being said, try to keep your questions to a short amount. College doesn't give me too much time to work on my stories, and I want to answer in a relatively timely matter (as opposed to my story

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Sorry to keep you waiting · 5:01am Sep 3rd, 2018

It's been so long. I'm so sorry, but now it's finally out! EoH Evolution Season 4 is now out!

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Combat System Part 2 · 3:50am Aug 26th, 2018

One last thing I forgot. This next poll determines whether the Vent Summoners and Visors(where the cards are slotted) should be combined or separate. I apologize for not remembering to put this in!

Note: When I put the options Yes or No in the poll, I meant to whether or not the Vent Summoners and Visors should be combined into one. Let me know if I should make a new blog post with a corrected poll.


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Kamen Rider Bahamut Combat System · 5:07am Aug 24th, 2018

Hey guys! I've been working out the mechanics for the combat system for my Kamen Rider series. I've got two options for how it works, and they're in this poll. It closes a week from now at midnight, so vote while you can! (NOTE: when I say ability cards, the ones I refer to are Copy Vent, Clear Vent, Freeze Vent, Steal Vent, Unite Vent. Summon cards are called Advent. And the finishing moves are a card called Final Vent.)


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EoH Evolution: Season 3 · 7:18am Jul 16th, 2018

It took a lot of time. It's been days since I announced it, but I FINALLY put it out. It's only one episode/chapter, but SEASON 3 IS NOW PUBLISHED! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bed.

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Poll's Closed · 7:57pm Jul 9th, 2018

Well, the poll for what story I should make next is closed. Season 3 of EoH Evolution is in demand. However, it won't immediately release. I'm working on an interlude story dealing with the actions of the season 2 finale. PLEASE be patient.

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Next story · 10:29pm Jul 6th, 2018

Hey everyone. I'm putting a new poll up to decide what story should be made next. Polls close on Monday at Noon (Arizona time). Please be sure to vote!


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110 Followers · 4:20am Jun 7th, 2018

...Wow. I was not expecting this. Seriously. I'm shocked that this many people decided to follow me. Thanks for joining me on the ride everyone!

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