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Eve Equestria-Rarity Stargem · 4:29am Aug 2nd, 2018

Okay... so I created a brand new account with a new character by the name of Rarity Stargem for Eve Online. Feel free to come say hello or blow me up (or let me blow you up, your choice, lol)

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Taking some time off from writing. · 8:10pm Jul 29th, 2018

We lost a family member today.
Many may not care that she was just a cat, but she's been in our lives for so many years, and as far as we are concerned, she's as much a part of our family as our own children.

So, please be patient for story updates. When I am feeling better, I'll try to get them going again.

Yes, I'm an emotional wreck right now, but time heals all wounds, right?

Thanks for all your support over these years.

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Fanfics May be Incoming again... · 7:37pm Jan 11th, 2018

So, I REALLY need to get back into writing... been WAY too long. So here I am reading over some of the fics I want to continue, hoping it gets me in the mood to write again.

RL has been taking too much of my time and I need to find time to relax and write again. I miss writing and feel that some of you out there may want me to get some of my fics back up and running. Namely Sweetie Belle and the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

Wish me luck.

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Got busy with work and other RL things... · 6:25pm Dec 7th, 2015

Real life and work got in my way of doing a lot of things I wanted to do, such as work on my fics and art.

Hopefully with the seasonal holidays coming up I will be able to get something done. I'm working on the next chapter of Sweetie Belle and the School for Witchcraft and Wizardry right now.

Sorry for the long delay everyone, and thank you for your patience.

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PhinBelle non-fannon 'ship art' · 8:49pm May 3rd, 2015

Because there's been more than a few suggestions / requests, I drew Phin and Belle together.

See it here: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=844482

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Sweetie Belle - Humanized · 8:50am Apr 12th, 2015


I'm baaaaack!!! · 11:28pm Apr 9th, 2015

I'm feeling better and I am back, currently working on new chapters for my non-canceled fics even as I take a moment to post this blog.

I'll also work on Evernight from time to time, but my Sweetie Belle and the School for Witchcraft and Wizardry will be my main focus. Don't worry though, I will also be working on some other projects and posting them when they're ready (more cute fics, adventure fics, grim fics (and for those who like them, more clop fics).

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Sweetie Belle & Phineas Malfoy (Spoiler) · 10:15pm Dec 18th, 2014

I had the urge to draw Sweetie Belle and Phineas Malfoy.

Took me 3 hours. Full sized version can be found on InkBunny and 20PC

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Sorry for the delay. · 4:54pm Dec 15th, 2014

I'd like to apologize for the long delay in the updates to my fics.
Now that I'm on break, I can put some extra time into writing for my fun and your enjoyment.

Sweetie Belle and the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is obviously being updated, and I hope to be able to pull one or more of my other fics out of hiatus status and continue them. If I do and which one(s) remains to be seen.

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Cursed NetFlix · 5:55am Apr 12th, 2014

Got NetFlix... So many good shows I've missed that I can now watch...

I just noticed a few minutes ago I haven't written or drawn anything in days... I should start pacing myself, lol.

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