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A filly raises the sun, earning her cutie mark.
Celestia takes her under her wing.
Sunset Shimmer takes on her roll as personal protégé.
The young unicorn grows from a filly to a young mare.
Light and joy become ambition and anger.
The sun sets in Celestia's life...

I've never read the comic about Sunset's fall. This is purely something written for some creative fun.

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This is an Eve Online MLP FiM crossover.

Rarity finds herself taken from her home world of Equestria. After she is killed, she wakes up as a Capsuleer. Given her own ship and thrust into the stars. She tries to get used to this strange new reality she has been thrust into, just so she can find a way to return home.

Hopefully without getting blown up too many times.

(Death is not the main focus of this story, but it happens. Tags may change as later chapters are written)

Cover art by AnnonyMouse (yours truly) https://e621.net/post/show/1602214/annonymouse-anus-blue_eyes-camel_toe-clothing-equi (Somewhat revealing, you have been warned.)

Special note, I tend to be logged into Eve Online while writing these chapters. I mean, why not have a source of information right at my fingertips. Don't ask for my character's name. It isn't Jafrak :rainbowlaugh:

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Sweetie Belle is invited to attend Hogwarts in the Human World. Many an adventure awaits her, and will this earn her her cutie mark at long last? Only time will tell.

(Coverart by AnnonyMouse, aka. Me)

Oh my, Featured 10/7/2014. My first ever featured fic, thank you all ^_^

Artworks: (Contains Spoilers)

NON-canon ship pic (SFW):

Chapters (39)

Many months after the events from 'Into the Blender', Terra Harmony comes back too visit her friends in Ponyville... But this time, an ancient being escapes its prison and brings chaos too the peaceful community...

An ancient artifact backfires.

Ponyville becomes home to some new fillies...

NOT a Grimdark by any means.

Chapters (5)

With tear filled eyes, Scootaloo runs away from Ponyville after Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle reveal their cutie marks.

The orphan makes a discovery that will change her life forever, within the depth of the Everfree Forest...

Chapters (8)

Twilight Sparkle invites Rainbow Dash in from a cold, rainstorm. She discovers something wonderful about her brash pegasus friend.

Chapters (1)

What will Twilight Sparkle do when she sees Pinkie Pie, and then Pinkie Pie, and then another Pinkie Pie? Can her mind withstand the concept of there being THREE Pinkie Pies?

One shot short story.

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Pinkie Pie visits the local convenience store and discovers Red Pegasus, which 'Gives you WIIIINGS'.

Herein you shall read the most terrifying story ever written and read by Bronies anywhere and everywhere. Cupcakes have nothing on the horror I will bring into your minds with this story. Be glad and pray to Celestia in thanks that this is only fictional.

*Note, this is NOT a Grimdark*

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An ancient being is freed from her eternal prison. The mane six among other ponies find their minds mixed up into other bodies.

Will they ever get everything back too normal?

Into the Blender, the name is misleading and this is NOT any kind of Grimdark fanfic. Rather, it is a fun, topsy tervy kind of story where the mane 6, and a few others, find themselves as not themselves.

Chapters (14)
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