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Dakari-King Mykan MSTs and Reviews · 2:59am Oct 22nd, 2017

Here, I shall list links to MSTs and reviews of Dakari-King Mykan's works. Expect this to be updated as I uncover them. If you know of some that aren't included in this list yet, feel free to post links in the comments. Note that the Project AFTER ones can be kinda glitchy due to being accessed through the Wayback Machine. For the ones that have more than one review/MST, such as MLU, they're listed by the MSTer/reviewer's name. Please notify me of any incorrect or dead links. And, yes, the

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Opinions needed for potential novel. · 12:41am Aug 18th, 2017

I have in mind an idea for a novel wherein, basically, two people, male and female, end up in a new world. The female becomes afflicted with something that'll cause her to hate the male if she stays in his presence for extended periods of time, eventually even potentially driving her to homicidal rage. So they have to be kept apart until said affliction wears off. However, there's just one thing.

They're both children.

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