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I write stories. They include Discord. What more is there to say?


That Moment When… · 3:06am Sep 30th, 2016

You painstakingly write a heartfelt, carefully crafted ten-paragraph essay on why you're cancelling a story on Fimfiction, a task which is apparently more important to you than sleeping, only to have your browser crash. :flutterrage:

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2116600 Oh, sorry, I remember. I think I was searching for Disney Fanatic and found you by accident. I'll do it again anyways, though. :pinkiehappy:


In your notifications or the bell icon on top of the site, when people watch over you, they follow you. They follow your stories, blogs and anything you do on the site. The Descendant could explain it better.

Thanks for the watch

You are most welcome. Yeah, it's not possible to greet every new user, but I do try to say "Hi!" to and offer to assist as many as I can to get their bearings. I just try to be the guy I wish I had met when I got started on the site. I hope you have a great time here!:twilightsmile:

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