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Omg · 7:58pm Dec 29th, 2015

Just submitted my first story to the mods! :pinkiehappy: can't wait to see what they think! :pinkiesmile: I promised myself I would under stand if I needed to fix it and I can not wait to see if it can be published.


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hello · 3:12pm Dec 29th, 2015

Good mourning fimfiction!:scootangel: word fixer on my tablet almost made me say infliction lol.

Today I have a cold! :ajsleepy: I'm tired,:trollestia: Tia just trolled me.

Though the mourning is still young people! Hope y'all had a merry Christmas and hope y'all have a happy New year!

And God bless!


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yeah... · 9:42pm Dec 28th, 2015

I was trying to find a image to use for a aviator...
Found lots of good pics, still working on it.

A little about me I am a girl,

There that is all you need to know.

Ok so a friend told me about mall season 6!

Well she did not tell I saw it on her page...

One episode is called royal guard...:twilightblush::twilightoops:

I wonder....

What will happen in that episode?

My friend thinks the episode list is a joke, if that is a joke then...:heart: broken...

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