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Sup. I'm a guy that loves MLP, and also loves dragons. I'm an artist and studying to be an animator... but writing fics is still pretty fun. Not really much else to say.


Sorry, Finals. · 10:17pm Nov 11th, 2015

Sorry about the time it's taking to post the next chapter to those few of you who actually read my stuff. Finals are getting closer and I haven't had the time or inspiration to write the next chapter quite yet. It's definitely started, it's just crawling along at a snails pace though. I need to study for finals this week and next week, along with work on all of my final projects for the quarter. I'll try to get Chapter 6 out soon though. Again, sorry. :pinkiesad2:

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My Little Caelan: Lume is Magic Cover art is up! · 12:43am Nov 3rd, 2015

Just finished the cover art for My Little Caelan: Lume is Magic, enjoy the colorfulness!

Also, if you give a thumbs down for my story, would you mind leaving a comment explaining why? I can't exactly get better if no one gives constructive criticism.

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