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Hi, Call me Storm, mainly since I've found some people have trouble pronouncing my full user name. I'm more of a fan of the fictions than the show, but i read a LOT of them. Hope to see you all around


New story idea that just came to me. · 2:28pm Jun 18th, 2019

So, had an idea with the release a few days ago of the new Sabaton single about The Red Baron.
How about a story centred around a pony version of the legendary Manfred Von Richthofen?

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Storybuilding idea · 6:01am Jun 14th, 2017

So we all know or have an idea of how the pony tribes focus their specific magical talents.
Be it through the wings for pegasi flight and weather manipulation, the hooves for earth pony strength and land working,
and of course the magical focus that is a unicorn's horn.
So what about humans? In many stories they are devoid of magic or they gain their abilities through some form of power up or the lack of a focus point is simply ignored.

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Just for shits and giggles · 11:40am Jul 21st, 2016

This one just came to me.

Ozzy Fudd the rabbit slayer Vs. Angel and an army of bunnies.

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Story idea · 7:33am May 18th, 2016

Some time after Discord's rehabilitation, an unusual statue is discovered that appears to be that of a human. It is later revealed that this human has been trapped in stone since Celestia and Luna were still foals, and after he's released, it is discovered that the human is Celestia and Luna's adoptive father, that hid them away during Discord's early reign.

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Comedy idea · 3:50pm Apr 17th, 2016

A random Anon appears in the middle of the royal court in Canterlot while going to make himself a sandwich.

Luna: "And pray tell, just how did you get in here creature?"

Anon: "I was going to my kitchen to make myself a sandwich."

Celestia: "You entered our throne room, in another realm, while looking for your kitchen?"

Anon: "I am not a clever man."

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Story idea: · 12:44pm Apr 5th, 2016

Portals between Equestria and Earth begin to open and ponies come through to make first contact.
But the first ones open up in Australia, and because of the dangerous wildlife, the ponies think our planet is trying to kill us.
So they do the first logical thing and try to save us from our own planet's unexplained wrath.

Hilarity ensues.

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And now for something completely different · 12:34pm Oct 22nd, 2015

As Applejack sat on her front porch, looking over the fields, she began rubbing her hooves together with a sinister look on her face.

"Apples........" Was the only word that escaped her lips

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