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I update stories slower than snails can evolve legs. Trying to break out of a writer’s block, so keep expectations low


Rewrites: how much? · 4:03pm February 1st

Aight, so I realized a long time ago that I really did a terrible job when writing the Warriors of Chaos. Like, really bad. So.... I’m considering rewriting a few chapters. I’ve also been rewriting the Black Crusade, so that might just be put in a separate story so people don’t have to search through everything.

But should I rewrite anything else? I’m not exactly certain I should rewrite the whole thing, but I might over time.

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1st Equestrian Black Crusade rewrite auditions · 4:03pm Sep 7th, 2018

So! I told all that I would rewrite the Black Crusade from the Warriors of Chaos story, and so here we are!
Me and Seb are currently looking for people willing to join in on either side. So! Here’s my call to all! There are limited spaces, and we are going to have to see if your character is too op or not for this war. Please PM me if you wish to join the war that made Ahriman a Void Dweller!

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Soon to return- and potential update schedule · 6:09am Aug 26th, 2018

So I’ve got about a week before I return to my normal living space, and pretty much end my vacation. So assuming I don’t spend an eternity painting more Space Marine Miniatures, I should be getting back to writing about that time.

The first update will probably be if the Emperor was in Equestria, as it’s the story not epeople like than anything else I’ve written.

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Break from writing · 6:30am Jul 23rd, 2018

So I’m taking a break from writing, mostly due to Summer Break and all. Plus it’s been.... difficult, to find the urge to write lately.

So yeah. I’ll let you know when I’m back. Of course, I may do some things off and on, but don’t expect much this summer

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Progress on next chapter · 2:59pm Jun 13th, 2018

Greetelings, fellow followers of the Man Emperor Of Mankind! I would like to inform you all that the next installment in the hit story ‘If The Emperor was In Equestria’ is almost complete! WE’Z GOTS A LOTTA GOOD FER YA GITS!

Ahem, unless I get distracted from BREAKIN DEM SPIKY GITS under the might of my Blood Angels Army for practice (I’ve got an army of Blood Angels and Death Guard that I practice with) I should be able to finish the chapter later today.

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My Warhammer 40k Army · 4:15am Jun 13th, 2018

Which is surprisingly not chaos, given most of my Warhammer stuff! No, they’re Blood Angels. I started this army last Christmas, so it’s kinda small. Only 1044 points

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Warriors of Chaos Black Crusade rewrite info · 7:55pm May 30th, 2018

So, I’ve gotten in touch with Sebaste, and he has told me that he will be able to help with the rewrite after the summer due to being grounded.
So that’ll be when we rewrite this thing.

Also, a change will be that death in the war will be permanent. Of course, we still need people to die, so anyone who wants their character(s) to die, please let me know!

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DECISION MAKING HERE · 5:16am May 21st, 2018

So, to all those who have read or still read the Warriors of a Chaos (yeah I know the majority of you are dead skeletons by now), I have a choice I want you to make.

Recently I decided to finally get off my ass and edit the Black Crusade Clusterfuck. However, I might just gather a few of the old or new writers and just rewrite the whole thing.

I shall let you, the readers, decide this.
Please vote in the comments below

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1st Equestrian Black Crusade rewrite(edit)! FINALLY · 10:16pm May 16th, 2018

So, as I’m sure many of you know....

The Black Crusade kinda was all over the place. Like, over the top all over the place. It was confusing, it was terrible, and it’s been possibly my biggest regret of my entire writing career (no offense to those who partook in it. I was very lacking in coordination or telling you guys what shoulda happened. Sorry about that)

So, after two years, I’m rewriting it!

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Third Year Anniversary! · 3:23pm May 4th, 2018

On May 4th, 2015, I made my account on Fimfiction! I don’t exactly remember what got me to make said account, but all I know is that I still don’t regret it! Last year I kinda went down the drain in posting updates, but I’m going to try hard this year!

Now, despite my last anniversary’s failure, I’m still going to ask.

Do you guys want me to do anything special for this anniversary? Anything at all?

Or is no one going to read this like last year.

Anyways, happy anniversary to me!

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