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Writing stories now? Apparently? Weird, huh?


New Chapter/I'm Back! · 7:08am May 6th

I'm back. Extremely stressed. Everything is great. Whoo! I'm also starting and abandoning various creative and social endeavors. I have a Twitter now! @TrueNerdenti, if you're interested. Not promoting this there, I just post weird, it's not important. That aside, the newest chapter of The Trials Of The Scarlet King is out, so read that maybe! I've decided against the other story ideas I had thought of for the moment in favor of focusing more on this and possibly streaming on twitch pretty soon

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Dr. Wondertainment? · 7:07am January 15th

Working on a secondary story that will run side by side to The Trials Of The Scarlet King. Looking to be interesting, if I can pull it off. If not, I suppose I may pass it on to someone more capable. It just seems like such a fun idea!

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Busy Bees · 2:16pm January 13th

I have not forgotten or abandoned my story, and, to clarify, I have no intentions of doing so. Just been a busy bee at the moment between work and home life. Thought I would make sure it was known.

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Something Old And Something New · 8:22pm January 1st

Okay, time for me to actually talk to people, oh boy. So, as all who read this have probably noticed, I've started a new story, sort of. More accurately, I'm reimagining and continuing an older story with Trials Of The Scarlet King. Finally, writing again. That story inspired me, and after seeing that the original writer could no longer continue? Well, I had to do something, so here I am. I did not forget about my first story, Dance, Baby!. It's, uhh, sorta complicated on that front. It's not

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