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Best I will do · 12:24am Nov 12th, 2015

Ok so there was a big hiatus with Weaponmaster and I ended up forgetting how the story was supposed to progress so I read trough the story.
:ajsleepy:I learned just how badly I had written it so I can't really end the story the way I wanted unless I completely re-write it and I am not doing that because I don't really remember exactly what I wanted to say with the story.
And I don't really feel like writing a story that has no point to it.:ajsleepy:

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My List (Chalanged to write it by MrSp33dy123) · 2:27pm May 27th, 2015

Main 6

1. Pinkie( :pinkiesad2:coz she's the only one who can read this and I don't want to be cut :pinkiecrazy:)

2.Pinkameana Dian Pie( Not taking any chances:pinkiehappy:)

3. AJ because she takes all the problems on her shoulders and doesn't even ask for help unless she really needs it . :applejackconfused:Plus the only pony who dared send the "I didn't learn anything" letter despite the risk of personal harm.:ajbemused:

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